Imagine you want to push a canoe out into the center of a lake. But there is a current, and little waves rolling up against the shore. You push the canoe out, it coasts a short ways with the force of your momentum, but then eventually that current reverses its course and brings it back to where you are on the shore.

Now imagine there are BIG waves. You push the canoe out and it barely makes it anywhere. In fact, it might be knocked sideways and tip over and get shoved back to shore. Darnit.

Now imagine that the water is perfectly still and calm, you push the canoe out and what happens? It glides effortlessly away, further and further towards the center of the lake.

This analogy that I made up for you displays the difference between sending your desires out into the world with or without inner resistance.

When you have persistent inklings of doubt and negativity, the force of your desire can make some progress as you push it out into the world, but will ultimately lose its momentum, and get pushed back if your negativity remains. That desire will not be fulfilled.

If you have massive feelings of doubt, fear, hopelessness, etc., that desire ain’t gonna make it anywhere. You’ll feel its momentum coming up inside you, but it will get squashed and crushed and toppled over before it makes any progress in the world.

But if when your desire emerges you are in a calm, serene, clear, non-resistant place, it will have great momentum to sail out into being in the world.

Each and every desire contains energy, momentum, for its own fulfillment. If you have no resistance inside you, that simple, natural momentum will sail you forward into the fulfillment of your wish. But if it is met with I can’t, I shouldn’t, who am I to want that?, it’s impossible… those forces shove the desire backwards and render it washed up and broken.

Many people do not know this. They have a desire, a dream, that they hope to bring to life, but they don’t understand how they are undermining its progress with the counter-acting force of their own pessimism and negativity (usually absorbed from systems or other people who have passed it to them).

One of the ways that many try to overcome their own negativity, is through the force of their will or aggressive “positive thinking” to drown out the feelings of doubt. But these actions are still often rooted in dissonance. Which means they simultaneously are trying to force the desire out there, while holding it firmly on the shore. This can be extremely frustrating. Especially because you might feel like you’re doing everything you can and still not making any progress!

Which brings us to the title of this post: Crystal Clear Beginnings Make for Amazing Results. The perfect place for you to write your list of goals from, is a serene, peaceful, nonresistant state. The perfect place for you to plot your future from, is a place of clarity and tranquility. You don’t even need to worry about “positive thinking”.

If there’s no force of resistance, the momentum of your desire will sail easily forward into the manifest world.

This year, instead of emphasizing working so hard, I invite you to choose moments of pause in between the activities of your day. Aim to be like the calm, crystal clear lake wherein a desire could coast easily further and further into realization….

(BTW if you vibe with this, and are in the NYC area, be sure to come to my Clear Intentions workshop Saturday Jan 7.)

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