Your Vibe Counts! Law of Attraction 101

Listen y’all. I know the proliferation of The Secret made everyone pretty burnt on the words “Law of Attraction” by about 2010. I know that the Law of Attraction became so canned that all we could taste was tin in our mouths when we heard those words… But based on the vibes I’m picking up out there, I do think we need to get back to some L.O.A. basics.

Here’s the deal: You are a vibratory being. Yes, you are physical, but you are way more than that. You’ve got a frequency. You literally are vibration. If you don’t believe it, do a cadaver dissection lab and ask yourself what’s the difference between the cadaver form and me? Hello! Life! The vibration of life. That’s what you are! You are a vibration that has set up residence in the exceptionally good-looking form you happen to inhabit. You are spirit in drag, girl. Werk!

Okay. The point is, you emit your vibration. And that vibration will inevitably attract similar vibrations. And, here’s the catch, the vibration you carry has very little to do with the words you speak. So you might be saying “peace on earth peace on earth peace on earth” all day long but if you’re saying this because what you’re thinking is that there’s “war on earth war on earth war on earth”, then you are not creating lick of peace. You’re engaged in vibratory warfare.

Where many go off track is that their entire focus hovers around naming the problem, over and over and over again to anyone who will listen… combing over the facts and figures and examples of the problem. Instead you should be noting the “problem” as indicated by painful or negative feelings around a situation, then immediately organizing your enthusiasm, energy and vision around a solution.

Obsessing over the problem is like giving lip service to wanting peace while leaning back in your seat and tousling your hair over the candle behind your head. (Which happened to me last Friday at a dinner party and let me tell you, after we put the flames out from my head catching fire, that place stunk like high hell all night… but at the time I wasn’t talking about wanting peace, I was talking about my friend Laurel’s backup dancing during karaoke… that girl is on FIRE!!!…but I’ve gone a bit off track…) Basically what I’m trying to say is, when you obsess over the “problem”, you’re adding fuel to the fire, and it stinks the place up.

Now you might be having the thought, “but Ariel, it’s irresponsible to not understand the problem, I don’t want to be in denial! I don’t want to spiritually bypass!” To which I say to you, great! Then stop letting that negative vortex vibration win! Don’t deny anything! Fully acknowledge “the problem” then take the next step towards a solution! Which is to clean up your vibe, and focus it on visualizing and seeking the clues that lead you towards the inspired solution.

However, you cannot go from an extreme negative vibe to extreme positive. That is about as advisable as switching from zooming forward at 60mph in 5th gear, to shoving the gear directly into reverse. Again, that would be a very stinky, tire screeching situation.

The first thing to do when you realize you are emitting the common stench of hopeless and negative vibrations, is clean up your vibe. Because you cannot solve the problem at the level of the problem (oh yeah, I wrote a blog post about that).

You must transform yourself into the vibratory equivalent of the solution… didn’t someone kind of significant once say something about being the change you want to see in the world? That’s what I’m talking about here. Don’t think about the change you want to see – LIVE IT IN THE FIBERS OF YOUR BEING.

You don’t do anyone anywhere a favor by dwelling in the problem. You aren’t solving anything. Your “commiseration” isn’t a salve for anyone else… it perpetuates the dis-ease. So cut it out. Stop indulging in hopelessness, fear, blame and spite.

Armor yourself with optimism, march into the fray with hope in your heart and warmth in your eyes. Believe in yourself, in me, in everyone else. There’s so much going right in this world… let’s blow on those embers.

MLK did not start his speech with the words “We have a problem”, he started it with “I have a dream…” the vibration of his vision that followed was so powerful it immediately transformed a nation.

How do you get started? You must train your nose to sniff out your own negativity. The second you catch a whiff of it, locate the “issue”, then name the positive thing you want (as shown to you through contrast with the negative), then begin to cultivate your own dream of hope, joy, strength, belief. Shape the vision, feel it, then put one foot in front of the other and move into it.

I will provide very detailed instructions on ways to do this in tomorrow’s post. But you can also read my post “On Starting the Day” from yesterday to see how I work my own vibe shift each morning.

How’s your vibe right now? Do you sense your power to transform it through what you focus on? Are you interested in taking full ownership of that power?

photo: my rad biz partner Ken who tends to be drenched in good vibes….

7 thoughts on “Your Vibe Counts! Law of Attraction 101

  1. Amanda says:

    I read somewhere once that the subconscious does not ‘hear’ the negative.
    So if you say, “I don’t want to get sick”, your sc actually hears “I want to get sick”. “I hope I don’t get a flat tire” becomes “I hope I get a flat tire”.
    When you look at the universe in terms of energy, this makes perfect sense. When you’re thinking about how much you DON’T want to get sick, you’re not picturing (focusing on) healthy energy, you’re focusing on the energy of being sick. It doesn’t make a difference whether you’re saying ‘I don’t want THAT’ or ‘I do want THAT’, THAT is the EXACT SAME ENERGY. And the Universe/your subconscious/Source/God simply doesn’t speak your language, it speaks the universal language of energy, and energy just IS.

    So when you focus on what you DO want, instead of what you DON’T want, it’s not the changing of your words that makes the difference, it’s the shifting of the energy behind the words.


    Great post!

      1. Amanda says:

        My pleasure, Ariel! If you’re interested, I’ve just started a new blog, and I’ll be discussing a lot of things like that. (Writing a post as we speak…er… type!) No pressure, but I’d love the company if you’re interested in popping over!

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