5 Steps to Saturate Yourself with Good Vibes

Yesterday in my Law of Attraction 101 post I promised I’d deliver detailed info on how to enhance your vibration and thereby attract that which you want instead of that which you fear. (Also this will help you break through self-perpetuating cycles of stagnation in your life and swiftly move to the next level.) And I am (mostly) a woman of my word, so here goes…

1) Notice the type of energy that animates you right now. If you feel happy, peaceful, delighted, in love, strong, inspired, expansive, enthusiastic, confident – great! If you can mostly maintain those good vibes as you go about doing your life’s work, you are in an excellent position to be an important positive influence in the world… And for your dreams and goals to move from ideas into being tangible realities. Stay in your groove and go forth and do your thing! (You can jump to step 4)

2) If you are not feeling the aforementioned good vibes, or if you’re feeling serious bummer vibes like fear, anger, shame, competition, overwhelm, anxiety, hopelessness – the first step is to reach for an easily accessible pleasant sensation. When I work with private clients I ask them to find a good-feeling resource that’s always available – like the warmth of your palms, or the tingling on the soles of your feet, or rhythm of your breath, or charm of your eyelashes. Do it now! Find a simple free resource for good feeling….

Move through a few of these simple free resources for a couple minutes. This is how you slow down negative momentum. Don’t try to force happy thoughts. Just feel the sweet sensation of of the rise and fall of your chest – real simple.

3) Once you’ve got some peaceful easy feelings going, to up your vibration, dial up some gratitude. Start with the simple stuff around you. Don’t force it. “Thanks for that cute lamp, thanks for my plants, thanks for the bowl of apples on my kitchen table… and for my home…and the park so close by…” keep widening your gratitude gyre to the people in your life, things that have recently happened that feel good…

At this point I recommend that you stand up and start to move. Create big sweeping gestures to embody your different sources of gratitude. Reach up for the sky. Smile in the direction of your lover. Toss a joy-bomb across the city into your sister’s lap. Get animated to get your gratitude in your physiology. Do not underestimate the power of this embodied gratitude. It’s extremely potent!

At this point you should be feeling some pretty excellent vibrations. If you are, you are ready for the next level.

4) Now, if you’re hopeful, happy, enthusiastic effervescence is on high, you’re ready to reach into the unmanifest world and state your desires as though they were already underway. As you reach for the sky, give thanks for the divine inspiration for the next chapter of your book! As you spin gleefully in circles, vociferously declare how wonderful it will be to have moved into the Bushwick loft you dream of! As you jump up and down shout your endless thanks for the opportunity to help so many refugees! As you stand tall and firm state your gratitude for the confidence to become the rainforest-preserving leader of a global organization… and the opportunity to work so closely with Leo…

5) Then when your vibe goes flaccid, use these tools to lift it up again. It will become easier and easier over time to stay dialed in to a nice high vibration. It’s actually a very natural state to be filled with hope, delight and possibility – you just have get back in that groove you were in when you were like four months old.

Have you gotten a taste of what I’m talking about? You feel me here? This is no joke. It really works! And BTW if you just don’t have the energy to put the effort into getting your vibe up, go ahead and read a book or watch your fave TV show…. just sidestep the whole thing til you’re ready to make this little bit of effort to transform your world into the one you hope to live in…

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