My Highly Productive Weekend of Puttering and Dawdling

This past weekend I was supposed to be doing an Amazing Day Yoga video shoot in my apartment… which is no small task. I literally take all the furniture in my living/bedroom and put it in a narrow hallway near my front door (some of it goes in the kitchen too). I even break down my entire bed and stuff it into the hall.

Then a small video crew comes, we haul all the equipment from the street up the stairs to my apartment on the the 3rd floor, and set up a tiny yoga studio on one side of the room, with a wall of lights and camera equipment on the other. During the weekends we video, I drag the mattress out of the hall at night and lay it out, like a square soft island, on my floor. Then I camp out there for the evening with the lights and video equipment looming over me.

These shooting weekends are fun because it’s fun to create what I want to share with the world. They’re also fun because the video crew and Ken have great senses of humor and are enjoyable to hang out with. But it is also extremely consuming and tiring by the end. We shoot four 30 minute videos per day. I do an outfit and theme change for each one.

We never know what might go wrong with equipment or light… or outfit malfunctions (you don’t even want to know the creative editing that has gone down)… it takes a lot of patience and focus.

So as I said, we were supposed to shoot all weekend, then, last minute, Johnny the director of photography let us know he was getting sick. So we had to cancel the shoot. On one level it was disappointing. But since there was nothing to do about it, I immediately got over the disappointment and thought what am I going to do with this wide open free weekend? How wonderful!

So I blissfully gave over to the joys of dawdling and puttering. If you have read my last two posts about Law of Attraction and Good Vibes you know that I’ve been very focused on the importance of keeping one’s vibe humming in a positive way. If you have also read my post about Clear Intentions you know that in order to allow all the dazzling things you desire to bloom into your daily experience, one of the best things to do is simply calm all resistance.

You don’t need to work very hard to get what you want if you have no resistance to work against… there is a natural unfolding, an organic enthusiasm that carries great momentum. So yeah, I’m a big believer in beefing up your vibe, getting your happy hormones buzzing, stating your vision to the world.

THEN it’s a perfectly grand idea to happily putter and dawdle while that vision is cooking under the surface. This will calm your resistance so your dreams can gestate.

Puttering and dawdling could look like many things: It could mean you take your time cleaning and tidying, maybe listening to music or a podcast you find up-lifting; It could mean doing a pleasurable self-care ritual like an elongated bath, exfoliation, mud mask, pedicure, face (or other body part) steam; It could mean getting out your tools and fixing something in the apartment – patching a peeling wall or putting up hooks for your jackets; It could be taking all afternoon to make a vegetable stew in the slow-cooker; It could also mean doing a pleasurable art project alone or with friends… which is the option I would like to feature today.

I never got into the whole “vision board” thing because it seemed kind of tacky. Like, am I going to get a bunch of travel magazines and cut out photos of infinity pools and champagne bottles to paste into my consciousness as the “ideal life”? I think I never paid it much heed because I wasn’t crazy about the imagery I saw around them, it did not feel true to me. And I do not appreciate the quality of magazine paper.

However, I do love to play with paints, and I have a collection of old books that are fun to cut up and making art projects out of. And I do love to bake in the good vibes of the life I want to keep creating and living…

So Saturday morning I awoke and thought aha! I want to make a Vibe Board today! I decided I’d make my own version of a vision board that would have elements that I find exciting and enchanting. I also thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I had a couple friends over and while we non-urgently crafted, cut, pasted, painted we casually discussed the things we’d like to do and create in coming months?

Sometimes when you put a lot of pressure on your goals, it actually works against them. Nobody likes desperation – especially cosmic consciousness. Also, the great organizing intelligence that arranges the deliverance of your wishes and dreams doesn’t speak English. It’s more like a dog, it responds to the feeling you are putting out there.

You know how you can be like “Good dog! Yes! Yay! [scratch scratch] Who’s my good doggie?!” with a warm voice and smile and your dog gets all wiggly and happy? Well you have probably also, for the fun of it, used the same voice and smile and said “You piece of shit! You stupid, pathetic, stinky, ugly space hog! Sometimes I want to rip your smelly tic-infested little ears right off!” Different words, with the same smiles and scratches, and you have likely noticed that your dog doesn’t know the difference. It is responding to your vibe, your energy, not your words.

That’s how the great organizing intelligence works too… it’s not focused on the exactly content of your words (or images), it’s feels and reflects the energy behind them.

As it turned out, one of the friends I invited was free Saturday, and the other was free Sunday, so I got to work on my Vibe Board both days. Both afternoons I got to spend casually riffing on what a meaningful, wonderful life feels like… and to gradually craft my Vibe Board to reflect it.

Each of my visiting friends are going through big transitions – one wanting to move out of a very negative work environment, the other in the process of separating from her partner. But it was really beautiful how we could still come together and not focus on what wasn’t working, but instead stoke the embers of where our hearts are, and what we want to create and offer the world.

My Vibe Board isn’t done, but I’ve made it the image on this blog so you can feel it out. What would you put on  your Vibe Board I wonder?

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