Something (Wonderful) is Stirring… A Sisters Field Trip to D.C.

Today I awoke before dawn to a wonderful feeling in the air. It was black outside, but it felt as though a hundred fireflies were zipping around inside me ~ busily planning a party or some kind of gala event.

As the coffee brewed I looked at my phone and saw a note from my sister. She was impressed that I had tracked down two “pussyhats” so quickly for our sisters field trip to Washington D.C. tomorrow. This is the magic of being a yoga teacher – you just announce to your class “I need someone who knits!” And one of the students will read your mind and say “oh you need a hat for Saturday? I’ve got two leads…” (thank you Rhonda!)

A couple months ago, after the election, I knew I wanted to go to D.C. for the Women’s March. Well, “wanted” isn’t even the right word. There’s something in the air… and I think if you are a woman who is going, you know what I’m talking about. It’s not even an overt want to go, it’s just that we are going. There’s a force that is drawing us together and pulling us to these marches, all over the country.

So I knew I was going to the march, but wasn’t sure how. I was just sitting on the thought, contemplating my options, and within a couple days I got a note from my big sister Leda, “Are you going to the march in D.C.?”

My sister Leda is not a riled-up, crowd-heckling, cock-smashing feminist type. She’s balanced and skillful in her perspective. She has a conservative demeanor but her heart ticks to the rhythm of justice and human rights. She works as corporate lawyer, but quietly admits from time to time how she’d love to work in Legal Aid, where she did an internship in the Bronx. She would make an incredible judge.

Leda is like Ruth Bader Ginsberg, patiently and diligently working behind the scenes until she senses a fundamental injustice that draws her out of her shell. Where I’m probably more Gloria Steinhem, out on the road, wearing eccentric sunglasses, leaping before I look, and generally stirring things up. (oh this is a fun game! Which iconic feminist are you?)

So when I read this note about going to D.C. the whole thing got a lot more fun. Something about Leda saying she wanted to go, despite having two little kids and a packed schedule, indicated how big this energy is.

Something is stirring was a line from one of Obama’s speeches, before he got elected the first time, that gave me chills. Right now, something is most certainly stirring… There is a movement, an up-swelling, that feels really ancient. It’s like a rumble from down in the mantle of the earth. It’s like the bones of our female ancestors are rattling and their spirits are wafting up and leaning into us… pressing us in the direction of D.C.

There is a force in the air that is much bigger than us as individuals… but there seems to be a drop of its hugeness inside each of us. And we are being moved by it.

Today after I teach my morning class, I will head to Brooklyn Heights where I will meet Kathy, the “pussyhat” knitter on her lunch break at the school where she teaches. I will shop for foods for the car ride. I will probably get some supplies to make signs to stick in the windows of Leda’s car because I’m super excited to wave at and share vibes with other women who are making the trip (did you know that 1200 buses have requested parking permits for the Women’s March, while only 200 have for the inauguration? Mmm hmmm, something is stirring…)

And perhaps I’ll make a sign to carry in the march. I’m thinking it will say “KINDNESS IS KING”. But I haven’t decided yet. When we get to D.C. Leda’s college roommate Dana will host us and give us somewhere to sleep Friday night.

I’m just so excited to be in this moment in time, to feel this up-swelling, to be taking this field trip with my sister to D.C.

SO MANY women I know are going! All kinds of women of all ages and backgrounds! This force feels bigger than all of us…

Yet it unites us like a long strand of yarn we are each in turn wrapping around our wrists… it’s just so wonderful.

Are you going? Tell me…….


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