What You See is the Past. Keep Moving.

Take a look around you… what do you see? What items, images, pieces of furniture? Do you think you are looking at your present reality? Not really…

Everything you are seeing is actually evidence of the past. Look again. It was all once just a thought from some time in your history. Nothing in sight represents the future, or even the present.

The present is cooking up something new right now, in your imagination. You can’t see tangible evidence of it. Yet.

What You See Is What You Were

Isn’t that funny? When I look around I see the apartment I dreamt about when I lived in my previous room for rent. I was renting a cheap room in Clinton Hill and I wanted to live alone so badly. So I would imagine a small sweet apartment where I’d walk to the park every day. I imagined antique lighting fixtures. I imagined plants and teacups.

The place I live now is evidence of my past imaginings… a fantasy five years ago. Now here I am sitting in it. Complete with three antique lighting fixtures, a big park out my front door and several tea sets.

You will see only the past if you are outside your home too: in your car, at work, sitting somewhere in a park. It’s all evidence of your history – some impulse, some desire, some fear or fantasy. You conjured it all before it showed up in living color. Now here it is, right in front of your eyes.

The above photo is of my friend Passion in Tompkins Square Park. I needed to stop by her apartment in the East Village to pick up my iPod Sunday afternoon. As I imagined going there I thought wouldn’t it be nice to take a walk to Tompkins Square Park on this unusually mild February day…. and wouldn’t it be nice if Passion came with me and we sat out chatting and basking in the sun? 

Voila! 2 hours later and here I am taking this photo! Living evidence of the power of my visualizations from the past.

Take Control of What You Conjur

Much of your conjuring happens by default… you just keep thinking in the same images and projections, so they are perpetuated in your tangible environment. Or perhaps someone has done the thinking for you… a caretaker or someone else who strongly influenced you with their vision of where you will (or “should”) wind up. You held that vision until it showed up, wanted or not.

The fact that you are surrounded by the past can be very tricky when you want to create something new. You might imagine a different reality you hope to move into, but every time you look around you see your present reality, aka, the past. So you have trouble believing in what you want to bring to life next.

What then? Visualize even more richly the new world. See the appliances, design the curtains, feel yourself striding through the streets you hope to walk down everyday. When you aren’t looking at the past in your immediate environment, look at the future in your imagination.

Before long, the most recent past imaginings will start popping up all around you… and you’ll be dreaming up the next wonderful thing.


Does this make sense? How does it shape your thoughts in the present? How does it make you ponder your future…?

[An important point to keep in mind here, is that if the quality of your thoughts and overall vibe does not match your imagined future, it will be very difficult for them to come true. Please review Your Vibe Counts, and Crystal Clear Beginnings if you are unsure what I’m talking about.]

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