It would please me so deeply if we could just let a beautiful day be a beautiful day, as we stand with our faces tilted toward the sunshine, without you piping up about global warming. Perhaps you could redirect that thought into a positive action on behalf of the planet later on in the afternoon? Instead of belching upon that lovely moment we were sharing with the sun…

It would please me so deeply, if when you don’t like someone in our community, you don’t tell me about it at all. Perhaps you could take a few moments to contemplate whom you do like, who inspires you, and share that instead? You see, I’m highly impressionable. Once I hear your sour thoughts, I can’t so easily see that person through the eyes of innocence anymore. And I might prefer not to sum them up at all – good or bad.

It would please me so deeply if you stopped complaining. And every time you felt a complaint rising up your throat, you excused yourself to the other room where you upchucked it in private, and then rooted through the chunks and bile to see what the real issue was. Then maybe you could form a good question to bring back to our conversation… the kind of question that precipitates profound ripples of change on that topic, while never having even uttered the complaint.

It would please me so deeply if we could each pause before opening our mouths and ask ourselves, will these words heap another mound of dung onto the problem? Or will they beam light towards a solution?

All this would please me so deeply.


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