Teaching Meditation in the Corporate World

Lately my meditation teaching has been taking off in all sorts of new directions. I did not plan this, but it makes sense since meditation really is my first love. And there truly is no limit to its power.

Most recently (yesterday) I got to offer a meditation session at Equinox for their Human Resources leaders from all over the country. Equinox has a new head of HR, who is an absolutely lovely and dynamic man, with a big heart and big-picture ideas, who just moved East from San Fransisco.

Last week when I was leading a session for the New York Equinox corporate employees, he and I met and immediately hit it off. So he invited me back this week to offer a little meditation reprieve in the midst of a packed day of meetings.

I showed up at the Equinox corporate offices, just north of Union Square, mid afternoon. I knocked, and entered the conference room to find a long, oval-shaped table framed with bright, tired faces.

There were papers, laptops and coffee cups strewn over the table, and a big screen projecting whatever topics they had been discussing. They had been in meetings all morning: collaborating, planning and discussing the present and future of Equinox from the perspective of the Human Resources department (I think that’s what they were doing anyway).

The thing about HR people that I love is that they are often inherently nurturing. A great HR professional is the kind of person who, even if they don’t tell you exactly what you hoped they would, still makes you feel genuinely heard when you reach out to them. They’re like the kind caregiver that makes you warm milk and honey late at night when you can’t sleep.

It was a real privilege to lead this session for the leading HR professionals for Equinox because frankly, I depend on them so much. As I told them in the beginning of the session, for me to do my job, teaching hundreds of Equinox members yoga, regeneration practices and meditation each week, I need to feel secure in the company.

Having a stable, consistent, kind HR department that is there for us employees has everything to do with us being able to function on our own leading edge as instructors and innovators in conscious fitness.

I invited all the people in the room to find a way of sitting, and position in the space where they felt really comfortable. (When meditators are in corporate attire, this can be challenging, but posture is less important in this sort of setting.)

Then I led a guided meditation inviting them to deeply resource both their own inner stability, and also that part of them which loves to innovate, learn and grow.

One of my favorite teachings by Tony Robbins is his “top six human needs”. Two of them are certainty and uncertainty. Basically, we all need both stability and risk to feel satisfied in life.

So this meditation was all about resourcing safety within, so that these professionals could then tap into their own risk-taking leading edge – to access the courage and enthusiasm to share and explore new ideas together.

It was really beautiful. The energy from this group was just so powerful. They’ve obviously worked so hard to get where they are. I could sense their inner commitment to their own excellence, and also to this organization that is constantly changing and growing.

As usual, by the end of the session, there was a great expansive energy in the room. It felt like we were all unified in the field of infinite possibilities. And we were.

I write this because I hope that all you corporate people who read it will keep tapping into your importance, not just logistically, but spiritually to the health of your organization.

I hope you regularly feel into the vital qualities you bring to your work. Even though it may sometimes seem like you are living in a world of computer screens or business strategies, there is always an underlying essence you offer that effects the health of the organism that is your workplace.

Plus I hope that any yoga and meditation teachers who might read this keep exploring and getting excited about the possibilities where meditation and business meet. Business is not what it was in the 20th Century. It is becoming much more conscious. And many companies, like Equinox, are hip to the fact that the more we tap into our intuitions, the more we live a holistically satisfying life, the more the company will thrive.

And if you work somewhere that doesn’t offer this sort of experience, go have a chat with HR! Talk to someone at your work about how meditation might positively impact the health of individual workers, and the company as a whole.

This is very real, very now, and very tomorrow…

What have these ideas brought up for you? Especially corporate people – I’d love to hear from you… 🙂


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  1. amywatt100 says:

    Lovely post, Ariel. It reminds me of the work my coach and mentor Elaine Grix does with organisations helping them find their collective and individual potential and aligning teams. This is her blog (which I write for her). Lots of words of wisdom for corporate work in there, particularly around purpose: http://www.elainegrix.com/new-page/

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