Go Towards the Love

When my choices in dating and relationship are clear and on point, almost everything else in my life falls into place. Romantic love seems to be where I am most vulnerable to my own less-than-functional urges and desires. So when I’m in balance in my love-life, it means I’m seriously in balance.

Flirting, dating, love and relationship have always been topics of terrific fascination to me. So much so, that I co-authored a book entitled Smitten: The Way of the Brilliant Flirt (Chronicle) which came out in 2013. Smitten purports that every single relationship we create is a reflection of our relationship to ourselves… and therefor an opportunity for self-realization.

Not so long ago I was contemplating my romantic options. As tends to happen when one is single, there were several options (men) circling my scene, tossing vibes in my direction.

These options each contained a different kind of energy, and brought out different qualities of attraction in me: yearning, excitement, ambition, tenderness…

I was confused about which energy to move towards. So I sat down in meditation, tuned into my own animal nature, and asked the great wonderful Intelligence that animates this life: Which one should I go towards?

And you want to know the answer came through loud and clear? GO TOWARDS THE LOVE.

Go towards the love means don’t go towards what your ego likes the feeling of, don’t go towards what makes “logical” sense, don’t go towards the patching of inner desperation… go towards where you feel warmth, expansion, fullness – love.

Once this message came through, I felt so at peace. Yes! of course I must move towards that which represents and enhances the love inside me.

With every decision, we are making a gesture to ourselves about what we are choosing in this life. We are making a declaration about what we are living for.

By going towards the love I am strengthening the aspect of myself that trusts goodness, warmth and kindness…. that wishes to live in a state of YES.


How about you? Any confusing decisions in the air? Relationships, career, home, hobbies…. What would it look like if you move towards the love…?


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