Yoga is Not About the Poses

Sometimes I get all bound up in the physical side of yoga practice. There are so many ideas out there of what correct alignment is in this or that pose. So many opinions on what’s happening or not happening in the body.

There is plenty to obsess about on the physical side of yoga. And boy-oh-boy does this mind like to get a grisly obsession into its jaws and chew and chew and chew!

But in the midst of all that chewing, at some unforeseen moment, a little moth flutters into the room. It makes a few easy circles, perhaps pausing to perch on the edge of a lamp… and surveys the carrion I’m devouring from a distance.

Then, without much fanfare or fuss, the little moth wings its way over and hovers just in front of my face, right between my eyes.

I am suddenly distracted from the carcass of thoughts by the rapid movement of wings in my vision. The moth seems to want to tell me something!

Stop. It’s not about the poses. The poses are just reflections of the many colors life takes on. Don’t get lost in your physical reflection… like a house of mirrors it will keep reflecting forever, taking you nowhere new.

Instead, use the poses to pause, feel, and sense within. Arrive in this One Moment. Just this. Just this. Here you will open up and find Everything.

And then the little moth flutters away… out of the room, out into the breezes. And I forget what I was worrying about.




3 thoughts on “Yoga is Not About the Poses

  1. K.M. Sutton says:

    Love this! Poses help guide us, but ultimately it isn’t about them. Plus our bodies change so often, that one day I can get my leg over my head and the next…well let’s not talk about that;p Joking aside it is about connecting with that and accepting where you are at and the ebb and flow that sometimes life is easy and sometimes it isn’t. <3

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