In my position as a yoga/meditation instructor and teacher trainer here in NYC, I come across a lot of brilliant minds. I meet tons of people with huge gifts to share with the world, and deep insights that could change lives. But oftentimes they are unable to step fully into their potential, because they don’t have a horse. Let me explain…

My father is a very pragmatic man. A lawyer who had his own law firm in Burlington Vermont for 35 years. When he gives advice it is usually extremely practical – sometimes frustratingly so! It almost feels boring. Like “ugh, do I have to do that?!”

This bit of advice might seem boring on the outside, but in actuality, it’s genius… it’s the way to your dreams coming true.

If you want to share your unique sparkling creative brilliance with the world, you need a license of some kind. You don’t have to go to a 4-year university (I did and my degree doesn’t make me fit to do anything specific). But you need a trade. And you need a legitimate certification that validates that trade.

Because I like to make everything a little more enchanted feeling, I call your trade the horse you ride in on. Sure, you’re brimming with ideas and potential – so much so it’s pouring out your ears!

But if you have no way to bring your genius into our society, people have no way to receive it… and no way to pay you for it.

When I was 27 and utterly baffled as to how to activate the rainbow of ideas and inspirations within me in my professional life, it was really scary.

My 9-6 job in exhibitor services for the American Film Market was a good job. I really liked my boss – she taught me some incredible life/work lessons. But the job only used a very small bit of my potential – about the size of my pinky fingernail. Which was crazy-making.

For several years I had tried to make up my own profession – assuming I should be hired for something wonderful because I was a bright, personable gal. Expecting to be “discovered” by the world. Turns out the only thing I was really fit for was waitressing and support jobs in an office.

Until finally I got the inspiration to be a yoga teacher, put the $3,000, 200-hour teacher training on my credit card, and had a way to begin. It was like getting my first pony!

Upon completion of the training I could register with the Yoga Alliance as a yoga instructor, and I was off and running into this career in which I’ve since accumulated many more licenses and certifications.

I could have ridden other horses into my professional life. I probably could have gone on a teacher/professor track in writing or literature. I could have gotten a degree in mental health. I could have gone to cosmetology school. But this yoga thing felt like the best fit at that time, so I went with it.

I know a rare few of you don’t need any kind of horse to ride in on. You’ve got gifts that speak for themselves – you’re already a successful writer or painter or whatever. But for most of us, we need a trade. And for many, even if they are successful in their passion, it still doesn’t pay enough to support their living.

Your trade gives you the secure base to speak and create from. It sparkles more than you might think!

If you’re feeling stuck, like your gifts are squelched… if you spend all your time pondering the Law of Attraction without actually taking the steps to create a legitimate trade, you’re shortchanging your gifts their mode of expression… you’re trying to go on foot, when what you really need is your own horse.



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2 thoughts on “Give Your Dreams A Horse to Ride in On

  1. First of all Ariel, you are looking so cute in this picture. It is just pure innocence and your true self shinning. Super like!
    Beautiful article, very well written. So true- may be I will need some coaching from you to discover the horse that I am riding makes sense or not.

    1. Thank you Monica! If this is the Monica I think it is, I believe that you are on the perfect horse… and it’s what you’re adding to the journey that is especially exciting… 🙂

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