Peace & Love Workshop Donation Success!

ArielKiley heartDecember 14th I taught a workshop called Peace & Love at Dou Yoga in Clinton Hill to try to raise money to help fund snacks for an underserved Brooklyn classroom (Mr. Ogilvie’s class in PS 371K) where special needs teens often show up hungry.

The fundraiser was successful beyond my dreams! Not only were we able to fund the snacks, but we were also able to fund the drinks request for the same classroom. I’m so heartened by all the people who came to the workshop, and the people who didn’t come but still donated…

Attendees: Debbie, Ed, Jonathan, Christina, Gina, Katherine, Bridget, Dou Yoga
Distance contributors: Joann, Nicolette, Diana, Lucinda and Anna.

Together we raised $405, less the cost of expenses for the workshop (37.50)
Total donation: $367.50!

Donation for snacks was $136 (total amount was $272, split with Born This Way Foundation)
Donation for drinks was $217 (funded entirely by Peace & Love)
Extra: $14.50 which will be contributed to the next Donor’s Choose project I’m funding this month (Dream BIG Workshop announcement here)

From Mr Ogilvie after receiving funding for snacks:
Thank you for thinking of our classroom when it comes to your generosity. It truly means a lot to my students that you took the time to think of them this holiday season! While you may think this is just a project for snacks, it works towards improving the emotional and mental wellness of each and every one of my students! On behalf of my students, just know that you took steps to drastically improve their well-being. Thanks so very much for putting my students first and for making it a priority to improve their lives!

With gratitude,
Mr. Ogilvie

And after receiving the funding for drinks for his classroom:
Many times whether it is upon arrival, or after physical education class, my students are very thirsty and sometimes water does not quench their thirst. With that being said, you stepped in to help my students and to show them that members of their community care. In the spirit of the holiday season, we are appreciative that you thought of our classroom! Thank You!

With gratitude,
Mr. Ogilvie

Here are the projects we funded! xoxo


Hey Mr. O, Do You Have A Snack, We’re Hungry?

GOAL: $272 (split with Born This Way Foundation, was $136 each)

My students need assorted snacks like granola bars, soups, fruit snacks and other assorted snacks!

My Students Coming from some of the lower socioeconomic areas in Brooklyn, the high school students within my Special Education classroom have lives that most of us could not even comprehend. Everyday, roughly 36 students enter my classroom, eager to learn, but also distracted by hunger, which often limits their academic growth on a daily basis.

Each student in my classroom is classified as learning disables couples with a phobia linked to school attendance.

Many of these students have inconsistent attendance which can greatly impact their academic performance. With sporadic attendance, my students benefit from being welcomed in to our classroom and should have the ability to snack with their peers to foster relationships that will encourage them to come to school.

Everyday on a regular basis, my students come in hungry, with limited financial means for getting breakfast. When they do not have access to snacks, they grow angry, and sometimes even embarrassed and often can even stop coming to school. With these snacks, my students will be able to enter our classroom and have a in classroom breakfast period where they can socialize with their peers to foster relationships that will encourage them to attend school!

p2916863_003_sm.jpgMy Project:

One of the best places for my students to be, is our school and my classroom. Once in our classroom, we strive to create an academic environment that encourages their daily attendance while also fostering relationships that will encourage them to improve their attendance. While within my classroom, none of my students should have to worry about where they are getting their next meal from. Together, we can show our students that they do not have to worry about food, they just have to worry about bettering themselves to inch closer, day by day to their high school graduation and futures!

Quenching Our Thirst to Talk to One Another!

GOAL: $217 – Contributed entirely from Peace & Love workshop donations

My students need assorted beverages to have as refreshments to promote social and emotional growth during class discussions!

This year I intend to teach a workshop each month will all proceeds going to important causes. I hope to see you at these workshops! And also, when you see my announcements feel free to reach out to me to donate, if you feel moved. It really does bolster the heart give a little here and there…

Big love,

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