My Financial freedom/Debt-free journey has been quite exciting. Lots of ups and downs and unexpected twists… but overall it’s going great.

One of my biggest revelations lately is that budgeting is a spiritual practice! Why? Well, a spiritual practice is one where you consciously choose to tune in to and follow the guidance of your higher self.

When you are spending money unconsciously, you are following the whims of your unconscious urges, you are at the mercy of your ungrounded fantasies, your wounded ego or your victim mentality.

By consciously tracking your spending, earnings and planning where you money is going to go to serve your highest values and callings in life, it become seriously spiritual. So fun.

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Big love and big money. xo Ariel



3 thoughts on “Budgeting is a Spiritual Practice! (videos)

  1. Hi Ariel!
    Thank you for being so candid about your road to financial freedom. I lost my voice last month too, only for a couple of days luckily. I did not lose work but wasn’t feeling up to picking up extra very much either. Our taxes are already done! Yeah! Also, we are also planning a move soon- just to somewhere nice nearby. I really love the neighborhood here in the North Quarter but may try this other place too that is a little further out. Our doors are open to the likes of you. Hope to see you on your next trek to the Sunshine state. Get well, get rested, thank you for the positive moves with healing and health that you are providing. Wishing you the best- Sophie and co

    1. Sophie! Thanks so much sister. Congratulations on your taxes – woohoo!! That’s fun that you’re thinking of moving. And I could definitely use some of your sunshine state right about now. Hoping to see you very soon. xoxox

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