My New Favorite Yoga Mat – Infinity

When I laid the Infinity Yoga Mat down in my small living room and dropped into a downward facing dog, my periphery felt much wider than usual, I suddenly had more space… I wasn’t contained by the borders of the mat in the same way I’m used to. Ahhh, Space to Be were the words that drifted into my mind…

What wonderful yoga mat is this? You’re probably wondering. Well, let me tell you…

A few months ago a friend-of-a-friend reached out to me because he created a new style of yoga mat and wanted to give me a chance to try it out. I’m always down to try new yoga stuff, so I invited him to bring it by one of my classes.

When Aric Boyles, creator of the Infinity Yoga Mat, rolled up and laid the mat out in my tightly packed SOHO class, it immediately drew attention. The shape and width of the mat offered more practice space, and his neighbors were clearly envious of his extra room.

I didn’t realize the impact this different shape would have on my practice, until I took one home and tried it myself. The thing is, just like that old goldfish analogy, we tend to adapt to the container we are in. If you think about a typical yoga mat — which is just longer and wider than your frame, and rectangular-shaped — it doesn’t give much space for your practice to expand and flow.

The Infinity Yoga Mat

The wider parts of the Infinity Yoga Mat aren’t that much wider than a typical one, but those few inches of extra space combined with the wave-like curves really effected how I felt. The thing I loved about the curves is that it did have a sort of “infinite” effect psychologically. The parameter of the mat flows instead of starts and stops — it absolutely changed how I felt and moved my body.

I knew I was hooked when over the next week I automatically reached for the Infinity mat each morning instead of my (many) other yoga mat options.

I told Aric I’d love to share the news about his brand new mat with the world, and asked him to answer a few questions for this post. Check it out…

1. What was the exact moment that you got the inspiration for the Infinity yoga mat?
Sometime last year I was having dinner with a friend after a yoga class and we started talking about how annoying it is when your hand and feet inevitably touch the floor during practice, and how typical mats are just too small, and all the same size and shape. This has bothered me for years and haven’t thought about a solution, just accepted it – but as we were talking, like a light bulb went off in my head I thought Why? Why are mats all the same, thin rectangular shape? I grabbed a pen and literally, on the back of a napkin started drawing out what became the shape of the Infinity Yoga Mat.

2. Now that it’s on the market, what do you love most about it?
By far my favorite part is the amazing feedback from customers. The reviews have been incredibly positive, people are really loving the mat. I get feedback like “The best mat I’ve ever used.” and “This mat is perfection!” and “I’ll never use another mat.” I never would have expected such amazing feedback and support and am incredibly grateful.

Aric and his son 🙂

3. Who did you design it for and why?
As with most of my entrepreneurial projects, I was scratching my own itch. In other words I originally designed it to solve my own problem, but as it turns out a lot of people have the same issues with typical mats.

4. What are other people saying about it?
See above, also you can search instagram for #infinityyogamats and here’s a link to some of the product and site reviews:

5. What’s your professional background? Does it relate at all to being a yoga-preneur?
My professional background is in technology, design and marketing and I’ve always been entrepreneurial. But this is my first yoga-preneurial project.

6. How do you hope the Infinity May changes the world for the better?
Most traditional yoga mats on the market today are made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), widely considered one of the most toxic plastics and a known carcinogen. Infinity Yoga Mats on the other hand contain no PVC, are BPA-free, non-Toxic, and because we use only eco-friendly, biodegradable, 100% recyclable materials there’s no toxic smell like those cheap yoga mats.

If you wanna get your own Infinity Yoga you can follow this link for FREE SHIPPING – woohoo! Use the DISCOUNT CODE: ARIEL

And tell me how it goes! xoxo

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