Last month the “Two Black Guys With Good Credit” interviewed me on their very hilarious, extremely intelligent podcast. This is a podcast I listened to regularly to help inspire my financial freedom journey out of debt.

Shaun Lynda, one of the hosts, also happens to be a regular yoga student in my classes. When he heard about how much the practice of minimalism boosted my journey out of debt, he wanted to do a show about it.

So their latest episode is called MAXIMIZING THE MINIMUM and you can find it HERE

Also, per the request of many people reaching out to me over the past few months, I’ve added FINANCIAL FREEDOM COACHING to my roster of offerings. Check out my COACHING page for more information.

Episode Info – Maximizing the Minimum


On this episode, Maximizing the Minimum, we are going to chat about how keeping it LEAN can turn into more GREEN! Millions of people are turning to the Minimalist Lifestyle after they realized the 5-bedroom house, 2 cars in the driveway and all the STUFF might not be all its cracked up to be. Ariel Kiley is one of them. On this show Kiley shares how through her journey to cutting the fat in her life she ended up with some pretty fat pockets and whole lot more happiness and peace of mind. Pod’up good people…we’re going in!

Ariel Kiley is a New York based yoga and meditation teacher, teacher trainer, published author, and IAYT certified Yoga Therapist. Ariel has been featured on Extra!TV, CNN, NY Daily News and has worked as yoga consultant for the TV show The Affair. Ariel runs a Business of Yoga course and also specializes in Somatic Experiencing® trauma resolution. Plus she’s kind of obsessed with minimalism and “financial fitness”.

About Two Black Guys With Good Credit

Two Black Guys with Good Credit is a show about two black guys from Canada living in the US for over 20 years – Arlington in Los Angeles and Shaun in Brooklyn. Both are business owners with successful track records and, of course, good credit! Each week they will bring you their ‘straight talk’ and at times humorous perspective on making, managing, and protecting your money. Two Black Guys with Good Credit will educate, entertain, and inspire you to achieve YOUR financial goals.


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