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Introducing the Learning to Dream Podcast

Learning to Dream means that you step outside the confines of what you’ve previously thought was possible… how you thought you had to behave or live, even what you thought would make you happy… and enter a realm of expanded potential.

By listening to this podcast you will learn how to make radical shifts in your world: how you eat, treat your body, handle money, show up for creativity, lean in to your career and approach relationships.

Learning to Dream will affect all elements of your life, because it transforms where you are living from. This teaching is about living from your inner nature to reach your full potential.

Hey – I believe in you. It would be such a joy if you join me on this journey.

Ariel Kiley (E-IAYT) is a  therapeutic yoga and meditation teacher, published author, and specialist in Somatic Experiencing®  trauma resolution. Stop by for more information on her background and whereabouts.

*Coming soon to Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and more…

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