Many people have a punishing relationship to money. As they begin to think about taking control of their wealth, a cascade of self-defeating thoughts pour out.

I’ve never been good with money.
I have no idea where all my money goes?
I don’t even like to look at this stuff!

These thoughts generally spew from the mouth of someone who is obviously incredibly smart, creative and capable… Someone who gets up every day and tries to make the world a better place. They don’t necessarily have their dream job, or have it all perfect. But they work to be a good, compassionate, ethical human… someone kinda like You.

They really don’t need this negative inner noise, yet taking control of their money seems to suck them down into an undertow of total self-loathing.

Nooooooo! I want to holler. That’s not what wealth is about!

Wealth: What it Really Means

Let’s look at the etymology of the word “wealth” to turn this ship around:

It’s from the middle English “welthe” from “well” or “weal” which is on the pattern of HEALTH. Also, “A large amount of something good,” “happiness,” and “prosperity in abundance of possessions or riches.” Also, “well-being.”

So here is the million-dollar-question I’m posing to you on this fine drizzly June day – it’s the question that should be the first stop on your wealth-building journey:

What are the top 10 things that make you happy on a weekly basis?*

Not on a daily basis, because that doesn’t provide enough variety. And not on a monthly basis because your mind will roam to the extreme and extraordinary. On a weekly basis – the real and regular moments that are part of the fabric of your everyday life.

I did this exercise last night and this is what I got…

The Top 10 Weekly Things That Make Ariel Happy

#10 Witching out

1. Drinking coffee and writing first thing in the morning (happening now)
2. Picking my nieces up from school (awww – seeing their little bodies walk out the doors!)
3. Admiring the variety of trees as I stroll through the neighborhood
4. Being a part of a breakthrough with a financial realization or professional development student – experiencing that moment where their potential expands!
5. Finding new ways to prepare vegetables
6. Life planning talks with my sister
7. Listening to non-duality teachers on YouTube
8. Sharing a bit of body knowledge or simple practice that improves someone’s life
9. Having meaningful conversations with my mom
10. Witching out with my girls – sharing insights and stories and strange psychic happenings with my circles of wise and wonderful friends
11. The feeling of breakthrough when a rough draft becomes a polished piece of writing

How’s that for a window into ol’ Ariel’s pocketbook? Did you notice that the Masserati was strangely absent from my list?

The thing is, the more financially confident you get, the more your definition of wealth will evolve.

As my net worth grows, I’m not obsessing about possessions like I used to. Instead I’m more richly delighting in these simple daily pleasures.

Examining what makes you happy on a weekly basis is a powerful way to get to know what true wealth is for you. By homing in on these things which bring you happiness, well-being, and an inner feeling of prosperity, you can begin to shift your associations with money and wealth.

Then when you sit down to strategize how to get out of debt and grow your net worth, it ain’t so loaded. It’s all just energy, my friend. And it’s your choice how you want to conduct your energy in this life.

So how about you set aside five minutes sometime over the weekend, sit down, and make your own top ten (or top 11 like I did 😉 list. If you’ve got a partner, do it with them!

You Are Wealthier Than You Think

You might find that you’re wealthier than you think – which is the perfect place to grow your money from.

What now? Well, you could certainly write your top ten list in the comments below! That would be so fun for me.

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Feature photo: Martien Mulder