If you’re here in the good ol’ US of A you might be feeling some political anxiety with unsavory thoughts like:

Yikes this whole climate crisis thing is no joke! Is someone gonna handle it?


Ummm our international relations aren’t exactly setting me at ease right now. How the heck are we going to keep nourishing our economy, deal with immigration stuff, and take on the lurking nuclear arms questions given the tension between world leaders?


Healthcare in this country has gotten pretty creepy. Are my best interests really on the table in the healthcare system? I feel like I’ll never be able to quit my job and pursue my passions because I simply won’t be able to afford healthcare! WTF?

Basically, all your major survival fears are thrust up in your face during times like this.

Will your rights be taken away? Will the planet continue to be inhabitable? How can you help humans from other countries when you’re stressed about job stability for yourself? How can you find the emotional reserves to understand and act on gender or racial injustice when you’re riddled with your own daily fears and anxieties?

I’ll tell you how. You address your own need for security first.

How Financial Insecurity Shapes Your Behavior

A nervous system that is on high alert–expecting danger and living in fear–is a nervous system that will only act from its most primitive needs.

You cannot possibly engender your full potential for compassion, empathy and solution-oriented creative thinking if you’re living in fear for your survival. It’s nearly impossible to have the bravery to see and transform your own intrinsic sexism, racism and other “isms” if you haven’t taken care of your basic needs for security.

When you know your life, your home, your money are under control THEN you will easily move into your heart space.

You will naturally feel that there is “enough” so you don’t need to covet the little bit you have.

You will have greater capacity to FEEL. You will be filled with an inner urge to be of service to other humans in need. Not in a big showy oh I’m such a good person way, but in a quiet, lovingly simple and positive way. And not out of shame or guilt. But because it feels so good to be a co-creator in a better future for all.

You will shift from seeing the world in terms of “me and mine” to “us and ours.”

And you won’t waste so much time throwing daggers at others you’ve deemed “bad.” You’ll be too busy using your dagger to carve a new possible future.

This is beautiful. This is the most beautiful feeling.

This is the freedom to be the good, caring, supportive person you so deeply want to be.

And this comes with the brave choice to take radical responsibility for your own primary reality.

The Freedom to Be Who You Want to Be

A waterfall I visited (and frolicked in!) last weekend

For me, for Ariel, the foundation of this is being in control of my money.

When I committed to getting out of debt and building wealth, I committed to giving myself the gift of inner safety and security.

The result was that my bloated dreams of personal glory have deflated and been replaced with a quiet, steady urge to listen to and support my fellow humans.

I have felt an increased ability to face my own intrinsic racial and gender-based dysfunction. I have been filled with the urge to return to nature… the urge to use my talents, creativity and knowledge to craft a new reality, a healthier world for us all to live in.

So in the midst of all this political chaos and fear and name-calling, I feel at peace with my place in things. I feel like I just might be able to be a small part of the solution. What a blessing this feeling is.

To be clear, I’m not talking about financial security in terms of continually getting more, more, more. We all know that gal who has gobs and gobs of money and still feels an inner sense of lack that perpetuates bottomless greed–that’s not financial health.

I’m talking about genuinely knowing what you need to feel secure and fulfilled, and having a clear plan to get there. Even when you aren’t there yet, being on the right track gives you this fundamental sense of safety and security.

This is why I created the Financial Realization Course–so you can create a bedrock of emotional security through taking control of your wealth.

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