This week we are examining what I call “value-based spending” in my Wealth Realization Course.

We are studying how often we give value to things just because we are told they are valuable, even though we might not authentically value them.

This is a thought error.

This thought error could cost you thousands and thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

For example, there is the habit of buying new items of clothing or shoes for special events–prioritizing the higher-cost, big-ticket garments.

As we buy, we hope they will wrap us in self-worth and help us shine in photos.

But the truth truth truth is that the value is INSIDE YOU. You give the value. If you choose to love that shirt, if you feel valuable in it, it’s because you gave it value. It has no value unless you grant it.

The home you live in is filled with value when you and your loved ones animate it with good times and delicious meals… not because of the bones of the house itself.

Do you hear me? This pointer is no joke! I’m telling you that no thing has any inherent value! You bless all things with their perceived value. You fill them with meaning.

Then you wear it as if it contains meaning, but it doesn’t. It could be the rotten skin of a dead fish. It means nothing.

The glow you feel comes from within. YOU unleash it when you wear that item, not the other way around. 

This misunderstanding of where the value actually comes from is evidence of consumerism’s choker-hold (are chokers still in?) on you.

If you regularly ascribe value to the things in your life, if you regularly feel the urge to get new things, and those new things make you ‘feel good about yourself’, this is what I suggest:


Just stop for a month. Don’t buy anything new.

Instead of adorning yourself with things you think are valuable, take a few minutes each day to drop down beneath the surface of your skin and feel that inner glow – that massive value within.

Take some time to touch and gaze at all the items you already own. Give them the love you typically give new things. Re-appreciate them. Fill them with that value you so easily gave when you saw them on the rack.

Love them even more for the times you have spent together.

Fall back in love with your old car, or with your present home, or lovely old dress, or with your spouse 😉 just as they are. 

Then after this month, look at all the things you own anew. Knowing that you gave them the value, that they are not symbols of your worth, do they still feel as meaningful to you?

Do you still want to carry them around? To maintain them? Is it worth it?

And isn’t it exciting to know that the value was INSIDE YOU all this time? It’s not what you see that provides meaning, it’s how you see… which already belongs to you.

Look through clear eyes. Tell me how it goes.