A few years ago I was caught in a really lame relationship with a man.

He was someone I had been involved with in the past and I was working my ass off to patch up the gaping holes in our connection and make it work.

But his interest in seeing me was spotty at best.

He showed up in fits and bursts according to his many mood swings. He would get lost in his work (as an artist) for days, then suddenly emerge and text that he wanted to see me.

This made Ariel crazy! The inconsistency of his communication would send me into obsessive swirls of thought about where he was, what he was doing, and why he wasn’t reaching out.

I took his rhythms personally.

I let my mind race in circles – worrying and wondering about how much he liked me.

Until something totally unexpected changed it all.

I decided to take the challenge from the famous blogger, Seth Godin, to write a blog post every single day. Godin attributes much of his success to this daily posting practice.

I love writing. So I decided to try it.

Beginning in October 2016, I wrote a blog post every single day for several months.

These posts were about what I was processing personally, compelling ideas about yoga or philosophy, poignant stories, and memories, life lessons… whatever was capturing my imagination on any given day, I would write about it.

And you know what happened?

I stopped noticing how long it was between this guy’s texts.

Then when he DID reach out, I didn’t rush to go see him – often I was immersed in my own creative process.

When he was vague about plans (which had previously made me nuts and want his attention more) I’d say “let’s just see each other later this week then” because it wasn’t worth it to shift my attention to someone who wasn’t 100% excited to connect.

His interest in me increased the less available I was, and as he realized I wasn’t taking the bait on lackluster plans he would come up with shinier plans.

But the writing was already on the wall (so to speak) and I was no longer interested in this man who inspired me so much less than my own creativity. I had entered a relationship with a much more compelling force.

He couldn’t match how turned on I was by doing my thing.

I didn’t want to be with a guy who gave me the EOD leftovers of his energy and attention.

If I was going to put my precious time into being with someone, they would have to show up bigger and brighter than he did.

They would have to be part of my inspiration.

And so I learned the almighty power of riding my rocket.

Riding your rocket means that you regularly engage your creativity, produce work, and put it out in the world.

You remove your own muzzle and take bold consistent action.

You don’t entertain the inner voices that say: “they’re all going to laugh at you!” “They’re going to judge you!” “You’ll get rejected and people will stomp on your face with dirty boots!”

You get up every single day and do your f-ing thing.

It’s not up to you how the world responds. That’s their business. It’s your business to show up for how creativity wants to work through you.

When you do this, everything changes.

You don’t obsess about food much.

You aren’t constantly tempted to buy stuff.

You have less of an urge for drugs and alcohol.

You don’t let lame-ass relationships drag on.

You move into the flow of life. (Or rather, the flow of life moves through you.) You start channeling forces that feel amazing to conduct.

So how do you ride your rocket?

You bravely commit to doing that which turns you on. You don’t keep it private. You think about how to share with the world, and you actually do. You post. You publish. You live out loud.

It’s a thrill!

Will it scare the sh!t out of you? Yes!

After I hit “publish” on this post I will probably feel like I’m going to die. I will gasp for breath. I will stagger around like I’m in some tragic Shakespearean scene for a while.

Then someone will write me a sweet message this afternoon… it won’t necessarily be long. It won’t be a big deal for them to reply. But it will mean the world to me.

Because it will show me that sending this out was worth it. It meant something to someone.

Then later today the nerves will have settled and I’ll be gleeful about having ridden my rocket this morning – to have shared something I deeply care about sharing.

And like a kid after getting off a roller-coaster, I’ll pause, look up, smile, and think I wanna do that again!

The other piece that’s so important for you to understand about riding your rocket is this:

You must ride your rocket to make your dreams come true!

Regularly creating and sharing your work with the world is the only way to transcend past mediocrity and come alive to your full potential.

It builds the momentum to burn through fears and reservations, make powerful connections, and succeed.

I’ll give you more info on the exact steps of how to do this next week.

Content Creation Course

FYI, I’m going to do a short online course this September called The Content Creation Course on how to consistently produce written content.

So if you are interested in blogging or writing regular newsletters, be sure you’re subscribed to Ariel’s List as I’ll soon announce the times/dates/price of that Course.

Also, I love this stuff and I’m so grateful you’re in my world. I’d love to know how these ideas touched you if you have a moment to share in the comments below.


Feature image: By Mark Kuroda for 24Life.com