Last week, I was on vacation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with my family.

We were on a slip of land called Hatteras Island, staying in a grand house on stilts. It rose over the sand dunes to a wide view of the beach and ocean.

Being there felt like I was spilling right into the sea… not the most optimal place to get work done (or so I assumed).

I wasn’t going to go on the trip because there was a lot of work I wanted to do that week – lots of writing and course planning.

I feared I wouldn’t have enough space or privacy to get it done. And with my upcoming camper life, I wanted to get as many things in place as possible before I hit the road in September.

But when I told my dad I couldn’t make it on vacation, he guaranteed me a private room and a strong wifi signal. So I decided to hop into his BMW, head south, and make it work.

The first weekend was spent traveling and settling into the house, romping on the beach and around the pool with the kids. Unpacking. Sorting out groceries.

When Monday arrived, I was thinking “ut oh… this is the time when I need to start working.” It was sunny out. 80 degrees. Beautiful beachy day. Everyone was getting their sunblock (and their play) on.

How can I possibly get my work done on this beachy beautiful day? I thought.

I did a little time in the sand, had some playtime with the girls, then went back to my room and begrudgingly opened my laptop. I clicked my way to the document that I had to finish.

The screen populated with words.

I changed my position, put a pillow behind my back, maneuvered the screen to the perfect place for my eye-line and reacquainted myself with the blog post I was working on.

The first thing to edit caught my eye, I started typing away, then the second thing… Then you know what happened?

Momentum took hold. I could still hear the rumble of the waves and the sunshine was pouring in through the window, but the blog post I was working on became more and more interesting.

Three hours later, I had reached a point of satisfaction with the piece, closed the laptop, looked up, then wandered off to the kitchen to see what everyone else was up to.

Glorious momentum had taken hold and that day of work was done.

One definition of momentum from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is Strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events.

Ohhh I love that. It’s so true!

I felt the strength, the force, once I had done a small series of edits on the blog post. It drew me forward into those three hours.

In the beginning, it’s always hard. It’s hard to get going. You don’t have that force yet. You sputter. You cough. You choke. You try to make yourself sit down to work, but everything inside you says, “I want to go play at the beach!” (Or whatever distraction is available.)

You want to back up and turn away from your work. This is when you pick your feet up and move one foot, the next foot, the next… you get those early steps going.

Here’s the real truth though: You THINK you don’t want to work, but you actually DO WANT TO.

Once you get started and get that engine going, suddenly it’s, “to heck with the sun! I love my work! I don’t care. I’m so in this writing… it’s bringing me closer to the life I want to live and the way I want to evolve this planet! I’m so excited to get these words right!”

The momentum takes hold, and you are rolling. Action begets more action. Action creates that flow.

A Mirriam-Webster definition of flow is: A smooth uninterrupted movement or progress.

This flow takes you where you really wanted to be all along.

So what happens next? Something HUGE!

Your concept of yourself changes. You thought of yourself as someone who couldn’t. Now you are starting to think of yourself as someone who IS. It’s bigger than someone who can – it’s someone who IS!

Don’t bother trying to think yourself wrong, instead ACT yourself wrong. This is the essence of proving yourself wrong: you prove yourself wrong by just doing the thing you thought you couldn’t do.

You don’t need to utter affirmations about how you can. You ARE – end of story.

For the rest of the week, I easily found a little pocket of privacy and did several hours of work each day.

I even ran my online Wealth Realization course from my bedroom on Wednesday night.

I also spent lots of time with my sister on the beach, all the kids in the pool, my cousins in the hot-tub late-night under the full moon, and having big delicious meals with my extended family.

In short, I did it all and when packed up and headed North back to Vermont, I felt inspired and satisfied.

The takeaway I want you to have is, action brings about more action! If you feel stuck or distracted, just START… do a few little things, get the momentum going, and feel into that part of yourself that was so excited to do your work all along. It was just stuck under some silly thoughts.

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Feature photo: Wearing. my preferred form of sunblock while taking a break on the beach on Hatteras Island!