These days I’ve been pondering the elegance of expertise.

When you have refined your knowledge, honed your talent, and sharpened your skill on a topic…when you have become an expert… something quite wonderful happens.

You are a clear channel for knowledge to move smoothly through. You can take expert actions to serve your fellow humans – not to mention the plant and animal kingdoms as well.

When that expertise is needed, you show up and play your notes clear and loud. The hiccups of uncertainty quiet down and your skill is of real service to the world.

Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Otherwise, if you try to help someone and don’t have the knowledge or skill, it’s highly likely you will lead them astray.

Even if your intention is pure, your offering will be messy. Your attempts to help could even harm.

Sarah Blakely, the founder of Spanx and business mega-expert, once told the story of being on a nature tour. She saw a turtle far inland, away from the water where it lived, so she lovingly picked it up and carried it back to the shore.

After setting the turtle down and returning to the group, the guide came up to tell her the real story. That turtle was going to lay eggs, and the fact that Sarah carried her all the way back to the water was a huge disservice. The mother turtle would have to start the journey all over again.

When you haven’t taken the time to know the terrain, good intentions rarely lead to great results.

Your “Ego” is Right to Want to be the Best

There’s a very strange, dare I even say a stupid thing, I often hear from folks who are shy to pursue expertise: they worry that it’s their “ego” that wants to be the best.

So they stay simple and mediocre and quell their appetite for excellence.

Lemme ask you a question: do you want your spine surgeon to aim to be the best? Or are you cool with her backing off her studies and not applying herself much, so she doesn’t get too big-headed?

Expertise is what makes sh!t happen! It moves the needle. It ushers in healthy evolution.

Picking a topic that turns you on and going deep; learning all you can learn and practicing offering it to the world over and over again… this is how society is transformed for the better (or worse, depending on what you become an expert in, of course).

Choose Your Expertise Now

So what do you want to be an expert in? Admit it.

And get to work.

In the beginning, you will be clumsy – you will lack grace. Perfect. Because you want to know how to build the elegance of the expert? You start out lumpy and awkward and keep showing up to try and try again.

It’s the same way rocks get tumbled by the ocean and smoothed out over time.

Your expertise gets smoothed out when you repeatedly rumble and tumble in the waves of life.

Then you know what happens? That thing you called your “ego” finds its right place working for the greatest good.

You’ve wasted all this time punching your ego in the face over and over when all along it was there ready to be of service – ready to be the fuel to launch your rocket… it just needed the right cause.

Ariel’s Pursuit of Expertise

You want to hear something weird? When I recently took the time to get really quiet and still and tune into my own deepest longing, I realized that I want to be an expert in listening.

I want to be able to teach people how to listen.

Mostly, this means listening to your inner nature, while also closely listening to the world around you. This means all of your actions are moved by the truth of the present moment.

I can’t imagine anything more exciting!

It comes into play in ALL the things I teach and lead. I have been building this expertise for years as a yoga and meditation instructor, as a trauma resolution specialist, and now I’m applying it to Wealth Realization and my September Content Creation Writing Course.

It will be the essence of the BREAKTHROUGH retreat I’m co-leading with Aaron Dias in the Catskills at the end of September.

If you really want to commit to regularly showing up for your expertise, check out my Content Creation Writing Course that starts Tuesday, September 3rd. It will put you in the rock tumbler of regular research, imagining, and writing about your beloved topic. It will facilitate the inner journey and outward path to expertise.

So Whaddya Gonna do About it?

Now, I’m wildly curious about what you want to be an expert in! Comment below or shoot me a note! And do you have blocks and fears that have stopped you from setting out in this direction? That’s great evidence you’re onto something hot!

In the words of the late, great Tom Petty, declare to yourself I won’t back down! Choose a clear action you can take to move forward toward your expertise today.

The world needs those seeds of desire within you to sprout into great commanding trees. We are all waiting for you to begin.


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