(published Dec 6th through my newsletter)

It is a dark desert night and it’s hard to know which story to tell you, as so much has happened over the last couple weeks.

Perhaps I should tell you the story of my move to this mystical new property…

I left the animal sanctuary. I knew I needed to move on (honestly, it was quite stinky – there was a build-up of garbage and the Port-a-Potty was piled high). Yet I had no idea where to go next.

Southern Arizona? Northern New Mexico? Moab? When you live in a little egg-shaped camper and all you need to keep your life going is a strongish WiFi signal and propane tank, the options for “where to go next” are endless…

But I didn’t feel finished with this town, so I got to work imagining a better living situation. I envisioned somewhere more private, more enchanted, more richly vegetated, less odorous, more uniquely local (as opposed to a place I’d find on Airbnb).

So I jotted some notes on a piece of paper about what I hoped to manifest and went about looking for signs to follow.

The main thought I had was that I should reach out to the man who ran the fire ceremony where I had the vision of the white stallion. I sent a text asking him for ideas on wondrous local spots where I could move – spots with low rent, powerful land, and conscious people.

He connected with me two vibrantly alive women with properties rife with vegetation and professional paths rooted in arts, healing, and awakening.

A series of very obvious green lights led me to choose the second place he recommended, and now I’m plopped smack in the exact manifestation I was hoping for… right down to the dollar amount that I am paying.

The land I’m on and person who owns it are beyond what I would have let myself imagine. It’s one of those “too perfect” sort of setups. I even have electricity and water running into the Scamp! The luxury!

At this point, just two months into my journey, it’s hard to describe how divinely orchestrated the whole thing feels.

It feels like the perfect elements for my growth and expansion are being laid out before me… the people, the trees, the paths up rocky trails, the painful encounters, the rainbows stretched over the highway…

And this is what I’m aware of as I enter more deeply into my new life out here: outer change does make for inner change. It really does.

Making physical changes; quitting a job, moving, getting rid of most of your belongings… it really does change how you feel. It changes who you are.

This journey thus far has been such a radical launch into living from freedom, that it’s practically impossible to be untrue to myself at this point.

I’ve designed my outer life to force a level of rawness and authenticity into my inner life. It’s like I cannot lie. And it all started with my financial freedom journey.

It started with choosing to become aware of exactly what was going on with my money. Then taking strategic actions to get out of debt, build my net worth, and design income streams that untethered me from participating in society in a contrived way.

Since hitting the road, my insights on the importance of self-realization around finances have gotten even deeper… and further transformed the teachings I wish to share with the world.

If you want to learn more about the relationship between taking control of your wealth and freedom, check out my Youtube video on it at my Youtube channel.

Cheers to all the freedom… for you and for me.


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