(published January 10th through my newsletter)

When I asked myself what I should write my newsletter about this week, this word came screeching through and parked right out front:


It’s a fascinating time in the world right now. Many people I know are hitting new levels of clarity and consciousness, causing them to make bold, honest choices. To move. To quit. To start a heart-centered business.

It’s not just Ariel and Scampy that are setting out on an intuition-based journey into the unknown.

Meanwhile, there are also crescendos of fear, violence and devastation reverberating around the planet.

It seems that, right now, it’s a time of reckoning. Yes, on a global scale. But this means the reckoning is also happening within each of us, as we are each a shard of this great orb.

I don’t have answers on a global level.

But what I do know is that each of us has a compass within called intuition. We have this compass that knows where our true north is – that knows the way out of the cray; the way back home.

Home is, of course, right here. It always has been. But “getting there” can feel like a journey.

Your intuition is the way nature guides you. Your intuition knows, no matter where you are – Budapest, the Bronx, or the blustery coast of Maine – it knows the way back home.

Given this heightened time, I want to offer a way through that is equally epic. I want to peel off the wrappings and get honest with you. Totally bare. Full frontal.

So here we go:

If you have been lost, if you have been buried under the “shoulds,” if you have felt trapped by the “rules” or “norms” of society, if you feel helpless to make change, but you are scared of the state of the world, you must strip down to find out what’s real.

By stripping down you will hear your intuition more clearly. You will better be able to act on behalf of nature, of Life, as it works through you, in the wisest way possible.

What does it mean to strip down? I created a 7-step starter process for you.

1. Get rid of the junk. All the stuff in your space that you don’t use and your intuition tells you it doesn’t want. The clothing that doesn’t feel good on your skin. The broken electronics. The dumb-ass knickknacks you’ve been staring at for years. The rarely used kitchen utensils.

When you’ve done one layer, do another, then another. Go beyond Marie-Kondo! Beyond “does this spark joy?” Ask your intuition “Does this item hold the energy of the future I want to live in?” And listen to what it says. Immediately remove these items by any means necessary.

2. Tell your secrets. You have done some shitty things. You have done mean and hurtful things. You have let people down. You have behaved selfishly and pretended it was “all for them.” You have played victim and martyr so you didn’t have to take responsibility for your place and power on the planet. Cut that shit out. Tell your secrets. By releasing your clutch on your self-concept of being a “better person” than others, you will be less hell-bent on controlling things. This will help free your intuition.

Call someone you were shitty to and tell them you know you were shitty and that you’re sorry (they already know it so don’t be surprised when they aren’t surprised to hear you say it). Do it now. Air it out. (Ps. I did not say to tell them what THEY did that was shitty too… don’t try to implicate them in your shittiness). It’s all about YOU. Their shittiness is their business.

3. Confess your calling. STOP ACTING LIKE YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU WERE CALLED TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE! YOU DO KNOW! You just can’t see how it fits into your concept of “reality” as you perceive it. So adapt your damn concept of reality so that it suits your calling.

Have you noticed that our environment is in a bit of a crisis? You think that’s because of “someone else”? No, it’s because each of us, every day, co-create a world of compromise. So stoppit. Yeah, it’ll take a little time for you to make the structural shifts to begin to live your calling. Probably 6-18 months to make some real progress. But that time’s gonna go by anyway. So get started.

Your calling might not make any sense to you yet. It might seem illogical. Stop analyzing it. Our frontal lobes aren’t as smart as they think. Write your calling down NOW. Preferably in permanent marker on your forehead so you see it every time you take a selfie. Then move your life straight toward it.

4. Quit your strongest addiction. What is it? Alcohol? MJ? Coffee? Porn? Anything-on-Netflix? Co-dependency? Just stop. Don’t even cut back. Just cut it out. Stop. Prove to yourself that you are stronger than that thing. It doesn’t get power over you. You choose what comes into your life, and what goes out. Bye.

5. Get stronger. Weights. Running. Biking. Yoga. Kickboxing. Walking uphill. Whatever turns you on. Do something everyday for at least 30 minutes to feel your physical strength and agency. If you have wussy little keyboard hands, rough ‘em up. If you’ve got doughy squishy wannabe muscles, put them to work! You must feel your physical agency and power to be able to sustain this transformation into an intuition-based life.

6. Forgive yourself. We are all in this together.

7. Invest in a somatic therapist, badass life coach, healer type person, or another consistent qualified human to support you through this time. Don’t make your friends, partner or kids be your therapist. Your nature needs an outside party as its ally and advocate. Stop whining that you can’t afford it. Find the money. Your mental health is not to be compromised.

Phew! This wolf moon is hitting Ariel HARD!

Now go strip down! And be sure to tell me how it goes (but please don’t send pics).

Hearts & high fives,


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