(published March 13th through my newsletter)

It is a seriously apocalyptic feeling day here in the high desert. Usually it’s sunny out. The most extreme weather generally comes in the form of whipping winds.

But today there was a big rumbling thunderstorm! It darkened the sky, pelted rain at Scampy, and rocked this little egg to and fro for a couple hours.

Only just recently have those rollicking gray clouds rolled on and a pale, late-day sun pressed softly through the remaining mist.

Also, today things seem to have reached a new level of concern around the COVID business.

At yoga this morning, all the blankets and bolsters were gone. They will be kept out of the studio indefinitely for sanitary reasons.

I heard flights are getting canceled and travelers from Europe are not allowed in the US for the next month.

Plus there was some concern around the safety of my aunt. She’s vulnerable health-wise and someone in her son’s workplace was on one of those skanky princess cruise ships and tested positive.

It seems highly unlikely that her son (who she lives with) contracted it, but this mini-scare brought the reality of the virus closer to home.

Plus I’ve learned more information about keeping the virus contained given our medical resources, which seems really important. I’m totally on board with that.

This morning my little bro (who is the unofficial safety & security advisor for the family) called to check-in on my preparation.

Upon his suggestion, I went to the water store and got two five-gallon jugs, the health food store and loaded up on bulk dried goods, the climbing store and got a water filtration system (that was kind of just an excuse ‘cause I wanted one anyway).

Then, of course, I went to the toilet paper store where I bought a 10-year supply of bum-wad. (Joke. But seriously, what is going on with the toilet paper thing? Are you planning on eating it in a pinch?)

After that I took the opportunity to text all of my ex-flames that I still sort of crush on to blow on the embers of our lost love. (Again, joke! I’ve totally battened down the hatches on murky male relationships because I’m holding out for my soul-partner-dude.)

After all that, I proceeded to hunker down and work on my business.

You see, I’m at a professional crossroads. I love teaching the financial literacy stuff, because I experienced such catharsis learning how to take control of my dough and people need that information so much.

But I LOVE teaching writing, because it empowers you to USE YOUR VOICE.

I don’t know if I can do both. I’m feeling called to spend more time in nature, more time in silence and meditation… this means my work time must be precise and efficient.

And late at night, just before falling asleep when the deeper truths often waft up into my mind, I keep having this feeling. The feeling is that it’s more crucial that I help people find and use their voice than help them get their dollars and cents in line.

Choosing to regularly write and share with the world is like, the sexiest thing possible.

When I talk with students from my last two Content Writing courses who have taken off writing and sharing, they are so turned on! They are turned on by their own damn minds and creativity. There’s this new confidence, this unstoppable feeling about them.

I’m like, shit Ariel, I wanna keep making that happen for people. That’s really hot.

So anyway, I don’t have any conclusions yet. But I am really excited for the next Content Writing Course that I’ll be running in May.

I was going to do it in April but I’ve decided to dismantle it, clean all the parts, add some potent new exercises, and put it back together again. I need a little time for that.

Keep it soft and safe my friend. Use this time to turn in and feel gratitude for all the beauty. Get out in nature and deep-breathe some fresh air. Turn off your alarm and sleep in. Relish the gift of your life. Ya know?

Big love and wishing you all the toilet paper you could ever need…


Ps. My next Content Writing Course begins in May. Space is very limited. Reach out to set up a free consult call and find out if it’s a good fit for you.


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