(published February 21st through my newsletter)

This note shares one of the most powerful moments of intuition in my life… and the result of ignoring it.

It was a Saturday night in January nine years ago. I was at book club with a bunch of lady friends out in Santa Monica, California. The fun and festive evening was coming to an end.

It had gotten late, and it was time to go home.

I was driving a friend back to the east side in downtown LA, then would be backtracking to where I lived on Miracle Mile (in the middle of town).

From Santa Monica to downtown is a long stretch by LA standards, but at 1:30 AM it wouldn’t be too bad. The streets should be clear.

The most direct route to downtown was to take the 10 freeway, which cuts straight through town. But as I approached the freeway entrance, I had a strange feeling.

Before entering, I looked to my right and saw a long line of green lights on the street that ran beside the freeway. I had the strongest urge to follow those green lights, even though it would be a slower drive.

I said to my friend, “I kind of want to take side streets, I don’t like driving on the freeway at night.”

But immediately after saying that, a voice entered my head that said don’t be silly, she probably wants to get home faster. Taking the freeway makes the most sense.

So instead of following those green lights, I accelerated up the ramp and onto the 10. After dropping my friend off downtown, on my way back to Miracle Mile, I was hit by a drunk driver. My car was totaled. Reality as I knew it was completely smashed.

After the accident I had PTSD and I couldn’t get in cars without panicking. I rode my bike and took the bus everywhere I needed to go. Then I got a Somatic Experiencing® trauma resolution specialist to work with.

We only did three sessions, but in one of the more powerful ones, she had me go to a moment of peace and control before the accident. (Now that I’ve done the same three-year training and specialize in that work, I understand that part of resolving trauma is visiting moments before and after the incident, to slowly work in toward it.)

Immediately I recalled that row of green lights…

45 minutes before the accident even happened, my intuition had spoken. It said, take the side streets – look at all those green lights – the way is clear.

If I had listened to my intuition, it would have been a very different evening.

When I think about this experience, I can’t help thinking how sometimes the slow way, or the long way, is actually the best way.

Quicker is not always better. More “logical” is not always better. Common sense is common, and isn’t my way home.

Although this example led to an accident, it can be applied to so many other things.

What creative project has been calling you for years, but it just doesn’t “make sense” to pursue it now?

Have you received signs (your symbolic “row of green lights”) from the world that there is an opportunity for you to follow, a way toward your desires, but you’re so used to taking a different road, that you ignore them?

When are you going to stop accelerating into the typical, and choose that other route – the route your nature is beckoning you toward?

I believe in taking action on your instincts. I believe in taking action on your dreams. I believe that doing so is the ultimate way “home.”

This is why I created the 6-week Action Coaching Program. To give you the support and structure to drive down the uniquely You side street in your life, even when everyone else is taking the freeway.

It might feel easy to delay on this, because you have been delaying for years, or decades.

But in my mind, there’s not a moment to waste. The opportunities of a lifetime await when you follow the green light of your intuition, and take action on what truly calls.


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