(published February 14th through my newsletter)

Every day, since I arrived in the high desert, I do something (or two or three things) that makes my body feel really good.

I found a great yoga studio where I’ve been taking class every morning. (Who knew yoga was so wonderful?!)

There are also several nearby hikes that I can squeeze in, in under an hour. One of my favorites is a 1.3 mile loop with a 321 foot elevation gain. So it’s got some nice steep incline and quite the view from the top.

I prefer to do this hike barefoot, which seems to attract a lot of attention.

Three weeks ago, I was walking across the parking area barefoot after doing the hike and encountered two friendly bodyworkers from Alaska. Inspired, they removed their thick hiking boots and continued on with naked feet. Then emailed a couple weeks later inviting me to Anchorage.

Last week I cruised past two couples that, judging by the huffing and puffing, seemed like they didn’t spend much time hoofing it up steep inclines in the great outdoors. They were fully decked out in hiking gear, with walking poles.

When they saw my bare feet, one woman kept exclaiming over and over “she’s barefoot! Look y’all, she’s barefoot!”

Today I was hiking the same loop and a pair of young women were out in their slim, stylish outfits carrying gallons of water. After passing by, I heard one say to her friend “I should take my shoes off!”

To which I called over my shoulder, “Yes, you should!”

“Does it feel good?” She hollered back.

“So good!” Said I, “It connects you to the electromagnetic field of the earth! And also exfoliates your feet!”

She smiled, slipped her shoes off and waved, swinging the gallon of water beside her as she strode up around the next corner.

The thing about getting out and moving your body, being in physical contact with earth and nature, is that it brings your systems into coherence. Your heart, your breath, your nervous system – it syncs it all up.

There’s this feeling of being fully unified, unfragmented, divinely whole, after a barefoot hike.

But what I really want to loop this post back to, is intuition.

Ever since I hit the road and committed to making all my decisions intuitively, I cannot get enough of the topic of intuition. You might have noticed I’m writing about it more and more, because I’m feeling its importance more and more.

You know about my totally free Awakened Intuition Experience, right? (video below)

Just like walking barefoot in nature brings a feeling of coherence to the systems of your body, regularly practicing the intuition-building techniques I teach in the video will bring your nature into coherence with your life choices.

When your life choices are intuitively based, it’s like your boat is on a smooth, flowing river… gliding down through your life with a feeling of flow, instead of needing to paddle your ass off to make progress.

Some of the topics we will delve into in the 45-minute class are:

  • How to craft a powerful question that motivates transformation
  • Methods to make space for insight to arise
  • Using breath to tap into your inner truths
  • The secret to tracking body sensations for a clear “yes” or “no”

In the meantime, take your shoes off and take a walk outside! Or take your pants off and sit your bare buns on the earth for a while.

Cheers to dirty feet and dusty buns,

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