(ORIGINAL PUBLISH DATE: May 1st through my newsletter)

It’s true, Ariel is moving on…

Today I awoke melancholy about this move. The evenings and early mornings have been so lovely over the past week.

At night, the Scamp windows are open while I sleep. The night air is gentle and sweet.

As the day dawns, I’m roused by the rhythmic murmurs of doves, pierced with the occasional call of a raven.

But then, as the sun rises higher and higher… hot, hot, hotter it becomes!

This Northern European complexion is not so keen on going out in that blazing desert sun. Pretty soon I’m confined to the camper.

It gets so hot that the water coming out of the faucet could make tea. (I’m not kidding. The other afternoon I filled a bowl to have a foot bath and it was too hot to put my feet in!)

And as the temps rise, Ariel starts pacing. But how can you properly pace when you live in a tiny egg? So the pacing becomes INNER pacing (no bueno) and my phone goes into “emergency” mode because it’s frying.

At this point I drop to my sweaty knees and wail at the heavens “whyyyyyyy?”

Clearly, I need to relocate. But I’m not ready to move on from this town yet.

So I responded to an ad about a hip local hotel renting their rooms month-to-month, since short-term-rentals are suspended.

I’m moving there today.

The hotel is letting me park Scampy right outside and even plug in. So I’ve got an extra living environment (when it’s not midday scorching heat anyway).

Meanwhile, inside there will be cool air and a big, cool floor and a kitchenette with lots of countertop and an overall retro western decor to vibe out on.

Plus a swimming pool. So I can sink like a hippo underwater in the afternoon to cool off.

There were other options. Many AirBnB properties are renting month-to-month to cut their losses. But there’s something about a hotel room in town that strangely appeals.

They’re even going to deliver fresh linens each week!

I imagine that “cabin fever” is an issue for many across the world right now. However, mine is quite literal – based on the tiny space and scorching temps, as opposed to not being able to do the usual things in my usual schedule.

But as we all settle into this “new normal” I hear from friends and family about new patterns, new ways to get out, alternative ways to create rhythms and movement throughout the day.

As these new times unfold, I can’t help but feel curious, eager even, as to how this will transform all of us.

Will you go to as many restaurants? Will you buy as many things as you used to? Will you make a case for working from home? Will you stay in closer contact with your family? Will you figure out alternative schooling for your kids? Will you stop using an alarm? Will you give up your gym membership and workout in your front yard? Will you take more walks?

We often think we want control over the future. But do we really?

Isn’t it kind of amazing when Life picks you up, spins you around, and sets you down facing in an altogether new direction?

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