(ORIGINAL PUBLISH DATE: May 8th through my newsletter)

There’s a great slash of early sun across my table as I write this, though I’ve been awake since the dark moments before the dawn.

I spent last night dreaming vivid dreams after a powerful fire ceremony at sundown yesterday.

The full moon in Scorpio rose, red and wide, in the night sky as we began. A wise, wildly dialed-in sister-friend here in Joshua Tree and I set about calling in the directions and conjuring the spirits to support the ritual.

In such a ceremony, one can ritualistically transform that which needs to be transformed in the heat of the flames.

I jokingly called it Somatic Experiencing on steroids.

Not only are you intentionally processing the feelings around something painful when you engage in rituals of transformation, but you are also enacting powerful symbolic gestures… that have somatic ripples.

When you burn a book, or torch an item of clothing or some other relic that represents a piece of you that needs to die (die = completely transform), it does something. It changes you.

And it takes bravery. Which is really what I want to talk to you about today.

I love that word. Bravery. It’s one of the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard.

Bravery is so big because it involves trust. Trust is so big because it involves faith. Faith is so big because it doesn’t give you a “reason to believe” but you choose to believe anyway.

You choose to believe in your strength.

You believe you can handle that which blows your way, even though you can’t see the size or shape of it yet.

You choose to believe that you will always have an unseen ally in this world (a palm-sized rock will mysteriously roll down the hill, landing at your feet just in time for you to hurl it at the oncoming threat!).

Bravery says “I’m ready” without knowing what you are readying yourself for.

Those of you who have been living these COVID times consciously (not just zoning out on screens, pretending things are going to snap “back to normal,” or getting high on news – or whatever else – all day)… those of you who are choosing to feel this great, strange pause…

You may notice you’re already becoming stronger in the face of the unknown.

You may notice that even though your work has become insecure and you don’t have the comfort of your typical social distractions… even though your Amazon packages take weeks to arrive, you’re still here.

You may notice that you need less than you thought (even want less than you thought!).

All the pretty little trifles you used to pad your days with don’t hold so much water anymore.

You may notice that your nature is more adaptive, more ready for a real challenge than you have previously given it credit for.

You may notice that you’re stronger than you think.

And this will fortify your bravery – that mysterious strength that helps you weather any number of changes.

Sure, weather the tough stuff.

But even bigger – take on a life of optimism, positivity, and purpose.

Harness the capacity for wonder, freedom and great wide love.


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