Another week in Los Angeles and I’m finding my rhythm.

I’ve relocated to a new Airbnb at the foot of the Hollywood Hills. But the apartment is more run-down than the photos let on.

The images showed bright splashes of red and white – a bold, happy design. It looked clean, clean, clean.

However, upon entering I was met with the waft of many humans that have passed through here over the years – hard lives being lived, and old dreams that couldn’t get enough oxygen.

The antique windows crank creakily open and do little to block the many sounds from the street. But it’s still wonderful.

It’s got that Hollywood charm.

I strategically chose this spot at the base of the Hollywood Hills because I love to walk up hills for exercise and I knew it would be easy to do so in the mornings if all I have to do is step out the door.

No drive needed. Shoes on and off I go.

If you have not spent much time in LA, you might think of the “Hollywood Hills” as dripping with mansions and high hedges. But this area isn’t like that.

These hills have an eclectic mix of hobbit-houses and retro nests with a few crumbling micro-castles wedged up against the incline.

While striding up through the winding streets there are so many unexpected moments to see; bursting pink flowers crawling through fences, funky sculpture gardens, sagging decks on tall stilts…

Hoofing it to the top is easy with so much eye candy.

Then at the top, being able to overlook Los Angeles is mentally expanding. Widening the focus to include this vast view of the city is powerful.

As much as I’d like to think of myself as infinitely unique and complex, I’m a pretty basic animal with pretty simple needs to feel good.

I need to be able to do some yoga in the morning and then take an energizing walk. If I get these two things in, my day is set up for success.

Which brings me to the point of this note: the power of positioning oneself to succeed.

Now, I know each of you reading this note is in a very different situation.

Some of you are crawling out of being sick from COVID, or processing the loss of a loved one. Some of you are protesting your face off and revving your engine for next level social justice work. Some of you are finally exhaling after getting yourself to nature after a tough few months in a city.

Many of you are wondering what’s next?

We don’t know what’s next. Things are so unpredictable right now that I wouldn’t be surprised if aliens land, infiltrate our population, and bring up a whole new set of concerns around immigration and citizenship.

BUT, especially given the unknowns, it’s a great time to position yourself to thrive in a daily way.

Consider: What do you need to do every morning, or every afternoon or evening, in order to feel healthy and balanced? What habits or rituals keep you sane? What can you do that gets you out of your head, and into your body?

Then set up your circumstances to accommodate this.

If you would like to strengthen your ability to know what you need, check out my “Let’s Breathe Together” gathering themed “SELF TRUST” on the videos page.

Now, I am NOT going to emphasize that painfully worn-out analogy of putting your oxygen mask on first before helping others in an airplane.

I just wanna validate that meeting your needs for health and wellness is really important – it’s the basis of all else you do and share in the world.

It keeps you un-crazy.

So how can YOU position yourself to thrive, in small and large ways, as we move toward the next who-knows-what….?


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