I’m tired of having delicate conversations about self-care… as though it’s a luxury or even an option.

Self-care, or ‘wellness’ practices are what keep you well – they prevent health problems and mitigate the damage if health issues do arise.

Do not expect others, even those closest to you, to advocate for you taking care of yourself. That’s not their responsibility. It’s your responsibility to wake up and choose to support your own wellness.

Even if that means disappointing others. Especially if it means disappointing others… because you’ve got to teach them how to treat you by how you treat yourself.

The healthcare industry is designed to care for you when you’re already sick or hurt. To engage in ‘healthcare’ is to imply un-health.

Whereas to engage in self-care is to support your health so you don’t get unwell.

Self-care is not just for the rich/privileged.

Self-care is practiced by how you move through life. Do you choose to walk sometimes? Do you take time to get from here to there?

Self-care is practiced in your posture. Do you choose to live with a long, upright spine? Do you stand with even feet and hips? Do you strengthen the muscles that help keep you upright?

Self-care is practiced by how you release pent-up energy. Do you dance it off? Do you shake it off? Do you run it off? Do you laugh it off?

Self-care is practiced in what you consume. Do you eat foods and drink liquids that support immunity, energy and balance, help you eliminate toxins and reduce inflammation?

Self-care is practiced in how you let yourself rest. Turning off the screen and going to sleep at a sane hour, taking breathers during the day, closing your eyes for a few moments when you feel fatigued or overwhelmed.

Self-care is practiced in how you assert your boundaries. Do you make strategic choices to distance yourself from things and people that tax you? Are you clear with your employee about the workload you can handle? Do you advocate for the appropriate compensation for yourself?

Self-care can be practiced in all kinds of nourishing activities that return you to your nature – from star-gazing, to barefoot strolling, to sunbathing, to flower-picking, to tree-climbing, to yoga, to meditation…. and on and on and on.

Self-care is also making the choice and investing the money to heal past wounds through excellent therapy, trauma healing practices, support groups, energy work… whatever tends to your hurt, lost and tender places.

And it’s not just for when you have the time!

It’s not just Saturday afternoon.

It’s not just after a nervous breakdown.

Regular, committed self-care is SURVIVAL.

It can help save you from the things that you will never know could have happened.

Don’t wait.

Don’t put it on the back-burner.


Choose to care for it now.

Choose to care for You now.

There is no tomorrow.

Let the world around you adapt, as you choose to take better care for yourself.