Ariel Kiley (She/hers) is an IAYT certified Yoga Therapist, Somatic Experiencing® trauma resolution Practitioner, positive action coach, and published author.

Ariel educates individuals on how to overcome past trauma, make wise decisions, and move toward a more integrated and purposeful life.

She is the creator of the Wide Awake Soma Program and hosts regular  “Let’s Breathe Together” free virtual gatherings for the public.

Ariel’s passion is helping people attune to their true nature, sense what they really want, and forge a clear path of action to get there.


Ariel’s life:

VERMONT YEARS: I grew up in the Vermont countryside with many animals. There were dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, hamsters, parakeets, and horses. Horses were my most important teachers. Horses can sense your confidence or your fear. You cannot lie to a horse. They feel your intentions. They taught me how powerful thoughts are, and how listening is more important than speaking.

ACTING YEARS: At 18 I moved to New York City to attend the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. I wanted to be a famous actress. I dropped out of college after a year and booked a guest-starring role on The Sopranos, plus some other roles on Law & Order and such. I signed with the best agents and managers and moved to Los Angeles where I pursued acting for a year or two.

QUITTING ACTING: As it turned out, I did not enjoy the life of an actor. I did not like many of the roles I was getting close to booking (superficial roles with unsophisticated humor and uninspired themes). I did not enjoy feeling like I always had to be thinner or more “perfect.” It was humiliating and I had the feeling there was something better for me to do in the world. In retrospect, I can see that I enjoyed the “game” of it, but not the craft of it. This made it an unsustainable career choice.

FINISHING COLLEGE: At about 21 years old I “retired” from acting and decided to finish my college degree. I did a stint at the University of Vermont studying anthropology but ultimately wound up back at NYU in the Gallatin School of Individualized Study where I focused on writing, literature, and philosophy.

PUBLISHING A BOOK: After finishing college I shifted toward writing more and continuing to study philosophies around awakening and freedom. I also got into yoga and meditation. I relished New York City nightlife and developed philosophies around self-realization and dating with my friend Simone. We wound up writing our book Smitten: The Way of the Brilliant Flirt, which was published by Chronicle Books in 2013.

BECOMING A YOGA TEACHER: It was a natural fit to become a yoga teacher. I enjoy public speaking. I love helping people generate positive change in their bodies and minds. The philosophical underpinnings of physical yoga practice are endlessly fascinating to me. I started out teaching yoga in Los Angeles, then moved to NYC where I spent most of my yoga teaching career.

YOGA TEACHING ACCOMPLISHMENTS: As a yoga instructor and yoga therapist I created a 200-hour yoga teacher training with Dou Yoga owner Yuuki Hirano. We ran this training for four years. I also was a spokesperson and program designer for Equinox Fitness clubs, designing signature Regeneration programs for them, and traveling the world to train other instructors. Additionally, I am a lead teacher for Tune Up Fitness®. I have also designed and star in a Yoga Fundamentals program for Daily Burn. Over the last decade, I have led countless other trainings and talks, including teaching for Harvard Med School students and teaching mindfulness at Yale University.

TRAUMA RESOLUTION: Following a serious car wreck on the LA Freeway in 2009, I learned about Somatic Experiencing® trauma resolution. I had hired an SE practitioner to help me with the PTSD caused by the accident. In the years following that crash I worked closely with another SE therapist and then completed the three-year SE training myself. I have worked privately with a variety of individuals seeking to overcome trauma. Most notably I work with victims of childhood sexual abuse and those who have surgery or hospital trauma. I love doing this work. My SE education informs everything I do.

MASTERING MONEY: Although I did well financially as a yoga/meditation teacher, I was a poor manager of my own wealth for many years. I kept waiting for a bigger “break” to bail me out of my habit of going down to zero each month, instead of building wealth. In 2017 I became determined to once and for all get out of debt (I was still lugging around college debt and personal debt to a friend). So I studied money deeply and got out of debt quickly ($36+k in 10 months – you can watch my process of getting out of debt on YouTube). This sparked my passion for what I call “Wealth Realization” and my desire to teach others to take control of their money and steadily grow wealth. Since then, I have lead numerous online courses about managing money.

WRITING, SPEAKING, AND COACHING: Presently I have shifted into a full-time career as a writer, speaker, teacher, and coach.

My passion is helping you attune to your true nature, sense what you really want, and forge a clear path of action to get there.


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