Answering the call is only the beginning

The first really loud life calling I got was a voice in my head that said “I want to give my life to yoga.” 

I was 28 and although I had spent the prior 10 years privately immersing myself in yoga philosophy, and the past two years religiously attending asana classes, I was considering some big life compromises. 

I was considering giving over to a corporate lifestyle that felt very wrong for my nature.

I was starting to give up on a professional life that could be rich with inner meaning.

By answering that call to “give my life to yoga” and enrolling in a yoga teacher training I stepped out of a practical, mind-made path and into my destiny.

But that call was just the beginning of walking my aligned path. Because humans are evolving beings and each call leads us to the next, and the next…

What was once the truest, most potent choice (like when I lived in a charming Brooklyn apartment, nestled against Prospect Park, and spent my days trotting around New York teaching robust groups of yoga students…) becomes COMPLETELY OBSOLETE at some point, IF we stay true to our path. 

Because we don’t just get ONE CALL in this life. We tend to get ONE MAIN CALL for each phase of life we enter.

By responding to that call, you are led down the next leg of your path. 

And when that leg is complete, a new call arises… taking you deeper.

It can be frustrating for me to hear from intuitive, self-aware women who aren’t answering their calls… because their calls are usually so beautiful – and will profoundly help the earth, the animals, and other humans. Their calls will generally lead them to create beauty and to activate great love.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? I want to shout. 

That call that they might delay answering for years is just the BEGINNING… if they can muster the courage to step into it, they’ll step into the stream of their destiny.

BUT it takes bravery to answer the call – you’ve got to be brave enough to work through the obstacles that arise simply because you’re attempting something new.

And bravery isn’t the only thing – you also need guidance, safety and support. 

And so, I offer you Lady Quest – my brand new 9-week program, with lifetime access.

Within Lady Quest you will define what you’re actually on earth to do, remove fear-based blocks, and move bravely forward with each leg of your life’s purpose.

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I’d love to help you see what’s possible for you.

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Sometimes wishes do come true…

Ariel Kiley - creator of Lady Quest Coaching Program

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