Discovering secret stairs and braving Colorado wilds

Here in Beachwood Canyon, Los Angeles there are several ‘secret stairways’ tucked into the hills which I have gotten into the habit of climbing as a part of my fitness routine. These long, stone stairways were built back in 1923 when the ‘Hollywoodland’ neighborhood was first created by housing developers. It is the portion of Beachwood Canyon set back into the hills just under the “HOLLYWOOD” sign. In fact, the “HOLLYWOOD” sign originally said HOLLYWOODLAND – it was an advertisement for the fancy new development that was being built for the silent film stars of the day. In 1949 the

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How to Access Confidence You Didn’t Think You Had

Genuine confidence feels amazing.   It feels so good to walk into a room believing in yourself – in your significance and validity as a human.  There’s this sense of coherence – of all parts of you working in harmony, of being WHOLE as opposed to fragmented.  Healthy confidence isn’t arrogance. Quite the opposite. When you feel confident in yourself you’re less self-obsessed.  You’re able to look around and really see and respond to other people.  You can be with people as opposed to just being fixated on yourself – obsessing whether you’re okay or not.  Furthermore, when you’re confident you put others at ease. They don’t tend to doubt or question your choices for

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The Crystal Ball Thought Experiment

Ten years ago I learned the miraculous-feeling connection between ‘getting in my body’ and receiving psychic messages. Back in 2011 I was just starting out my career as a yoga teacher, living in LA, immersing myself in every training I could afford. It was April and I was in Day 2 of a three-day shoulder mechanics immersion with Jill Miller, creator of Tune Up Fitness, up in Los Gatos near San Francisco. We spent the entire day doing all kinds of subtle exercises – from therapy ball self-massage to novel mobility techniques to straight-up strengthening of our shoulder joints. I

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This week I want to offer you a meditation I recorded back in December that I really love called ALWAYS HEALING. It’s the perfect way to start healing physical aches, pains, and injuries. After doing the meditation, take some time to ponder which skillful actions you want to take to continue to heal. Your body intelligence will be dialed-up and help you make wise decisions. (Also, feel free to forward this link to any of your people in pain.) If you wanna take your practice deeper, join my daily EMBODIED with Ariel Program.

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The Flight to Costa Rica That Ended My Cycle of Re-Injury

Several years ago in a hot yoga class in the middle of winter I pulled both of my hamstring attachments. At the time I didn’t know I was doing it. The room was so warm and steamy and the forward fold felt really good. Also the instructor (who I kinda had a girl crush on) was praising me loudly for how “deep” my fold was… which compelled me to pull on my toes even more and nestle my face snugly between my shins. I didn’t feel anything when it happened. I just knew I was going “deeper” than ever before.

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11-min Practice: ASK YOUR BODY for Answers

This week I’m so happy to teach you three really powerful practices to get answers from your own inner body on important decisions. Check out the below video. It’s just 11 minutes (and 3 techniques) to dial in and hear your body’s wisdom. Let me know how it goes!

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It’s your body. It’s your life. It’s your choice.

Tensions are running high out there as we all rub our eyes, peek through the shades, and envision stepping into the world again. It may seem like time has been frozen for the past year, and you might feel like you should be able to waltz back into life as you knew it. But that’s just not possible. Everything has changed. You have changed. Oftentimes, over the years, when a student is going through a tough time or has a body question, they have asked me what to do about it. They want so badly for me to have the

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Do you regularly experience how inwardly delicious it is when your spine is aligned? That feeling of LIFT or ASCENSION moving up through your center? It’s like being perfectly poised between heaven and earth… So I made a mini-practice about it. Check out the below video. It’s just 15 minutes and it’ll lift you up from the inside. All you need is a strap-like thing, and a spot on the floor or rug (or fitness mat if you wanna be fancy). Let me know how it goes!

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Off me arse and out to play… You wanna come?

These pandemic days can be strangely intense – lots of mental activity, while physically going nowhere. I often spend great chunks of time fully absorbed in my computer, emotions coursing through my mind, while my body gradually curls into a tense hunch over the keyboard. Then, at some point, the task is done and I lift my face and come up for air. Looking out the wide picture window, I see palm leaves catching sunlight and get the strongest feeling in the legs that I must go out for a walk right now! That’s what happened this morning. So I

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3-Min Body Thanks practice with Ariel

Have you been bashing your poor body parts? That’s no way to treat this most extraordinary form you have the great privilege of inhabiting. Let’s turn the tides to kinder self-talk… 3-Min Body Thanks practice you can do with me RIGHT NOW:

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