Notes from the Idyllwild vision quest

I am here to report on the vision quest I did over the past weekend. It was… intense. I began fasting on Thursday afternoon at 4:30pm, intending to drink only water for the next three days – until Sunday at 4:30pm. After my final evening client, I stuffed outdoorsy gear into the back of the 4Runner and hit the road for Joshua Tree. Driving away from LA on the 10 Freeway was wonderful. I’ve been in a pretty disciplined routine for a couple of months and if felt so good to cut and run toward the wilderness. Arriving around 10pm

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The Key to Becoming Your Whole, Unapologetic Self

Just because you can’t ‘see’ it, doesn’t mean that the evidence of it isn’t… everywhere. This is the story of trauma in our everyday lives. If you have survived an intense or overwhelming incident (or series of incidents) such as verbal or physical abuse, surgery, assault, an accident, or ongoing gas-lighting from a significant person in your life…. it’s possible there‘s trauma in your energy body. Trauma is the imprint of the incomplete survival response: You felt a threat, you instinctively wanted to protect or defend yourself, but you were unable to do so at that time. The animal that

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Sometimes wishes do come true…

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