This Course provides support and structure for you to actively face debt and build wealth

Create the freedom to pursue activities, careers, and experiences that make you feel most fulfilled.



Each week will cover a new theme with specific, actionable assignments to ensure you are making progress. Ariel (aka your Fiscal Godmother) will be available for questions via email between sessions.

Included are three personalized coaching calls with Ariel as part of the course.

Financial Realization Course Schedule:

Week 1: Big Beautiful Goals ~ Nail down now WHY you want to take control of your wealth and you will gain the inner fortitude to make your money dreams come true.

*30 min one-one-one call between Weeks 1 and 2

Week 2: Orienting in Reality ~ There is nothing more powerful than awareness. This week you will calculate your exact Net Worth and get a clear picture of your debts and assets.

Week 3: Value-Based Spending ~ Learn the difference between appreciating and depreciating assets and how to make each of your spending decisions an “investment” in your most meaningful life.

Week 4: Saving Big and Small ~ Paying yourself first is the name of the game here… and the only way to true financial freedom. You’ll learn the secret to overcome bad spending habits and start saving. Now.

*30 min one-one-one call between Weeks 4 and 5

Week 5: Create Your Budget ~ Financial freedom is knowing what you genuinely need, making a plan for how to get it, and no longer wasting time thinking about money so much any more. Making that plan is what we’ll be up to this week.

Week 6: Up Your Earnings ~ You have much greater earning potential than you’ve yet tapped into. This week you’ll learn 13 ways to immediately start earning more.

Week 7: Taking on Investments ~ Wise investing is imperative to financial freedom. Here you’ll learn several approaches to investing and tune into which one is the most compelling to You.

Week 8: Staying Focused ~ Staying focused is imperative to reach your goals. Here we’ll delve into how to handle naysayers, get back up when you fall down, and keep your eye on the prize!

*30 min one-one-one call between Weeks 8 and 9

Week 9: Owning Your Future ~ During our final week you’ll put plans in place for how to keep meeting your goals for months and years to come. We will also address the kind of financial legacy you want to leave. That’s right. We’re going all the way.


Course is held live via Zoom video conference call, playbacks will be available for missed sessions


To reserve your spot in the next Course, send Ariel a note HERE that says “I’m ready to wake up my money!”

Take control of your wealth so you’re no longer restricted by other peoples’ opinions and decisions.