Calling all Yoga & Wellness Professionals…

Yoga of Business Success Course!

If you know me at all, you know that I absolutely love mentoring other wellness professionals to help them realize their own gifts, create huge opportunities, and blast forward professionally. It inspires me to inspire you and see you thrive!

Plus, I don’t actually believe in “competition” because I believe the world needs more good wellness practitioners! Actually, given the mental and physical health issues that are plaguing this country, your work is obviously not getting out there fast enough.

For every different type of student, a different type of teacher is needed. And there are some students only you will reach.

I’ve been graced with a wonderfully successful yoga teaching career so far. In just seven years I’ve developed my own yoga-based programming and been flown around the world to teach it, I’ve been interviewed on major media outlets, I’ve been in ad campaigns and been hired to create far-reaching online courses, I’ve led dozens of teacher trainings and countless transformative private sessions… you get the idea. I’ve been blessed with incredible success so far.

One of the things I’m most proud of, is that I’ve always made a good living doing it. I’ve never had to scrape by.

My success isn’t because I have a Fairy-Goddess-Mother… it’s because I employ very strategic practices to create outer world opportunities that capitalize on my inner values, gifts and ambitions.

This is what the Yoga of Business Success Course is ALL ABOUT – customizing your career to who You are and what You are called to share.

The Yoga of Business Success Course will runs for five weekly Sunday evening sessions. There is very specific homework exercises, tons of personalized feedback, and two private sessions included for each participant.

Because I want to be able to give each group member lots of personal attention, I limit the group to just six people. 

You wanna be one of them?

For more information, shoot me a note through my contact page and I’ll send you all the deets.

Can’t wait to dig in!

Namaste 🙂

PS. Here are some nice words from one of the participants in a recent Biz of Yoga Success Course:

Ariel is a truly gifted teacher, not just of yoga, but in helping yoga teachers realize their potential. Ariel is so generous in sharing her wisdom and experiences. Her presentation of the material in this course is easy to understand and so applicable to any yoga teachers or those who are starting out. I finished the course feeling inspired, empowered, and ready and equipped with practical tools to take my yoga career to the next level. I’m so grateful that I was able to be part of this course and to have Ariel guide me on my career path!