The Content Creation Writing Course

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Learn the craft of regular writing to move your career (and life) forward!

If you are reading this, you might be feeling a deeper Voice waking up. You might sense long-suppressed messages ripening to be shared. It’s time to free your Voice.

The Content Course is extremely potent at this time. It’s time to build a new world. Your words and wisdom are a vital part of that.

The Content Course will teach you how to access and amplify your voice through blog posts, newsletters, and articles for online publication. Plus in the bonus week, you’ll learn how to translate your content into video and audio.


Perks of regular content creation:

  • Stay true to what you feel called to contribute to humanity
  • Consistently foster your authenticity and passion
  • Build your reputation as a specialist in your field
  • Attract an audience that you’d love to connect with
  • Ethically promote your business
  • Expand your professional reach far and wide
  • Earn credibility and trust in your industry
  • Make “sales” natural and effortless

“You can tell if a piece of content is the sort that could be part of a content marketing campaign if people seek it out, if people want to consume it, rather than avoiding it.”

-Josh Steimle for

Course Topics:

Week 1: Choose Your Focus

Choosing the focus of your writing is so important! Your focus is the guiding light for your ongoing work (and growth as a human).

  • Follow the week one exercises to access the essential messages you carry, and you’ll be energized to produce fresh content for months and years to come.
  • This is how you find, and reach your authentic audience.

Week 2: Story, Narrative & Your Voice

By expressing your voice through the unique experiences you’ve lived and the insights you’ve had, you will find the key to connecting, human to human, with your audience.

  • Learn how to build story into micro, medium, and macro content.
  • Master the power of sharing and amplifying your personal voice through the ongoing narrative of your work.

Week 3: Create Your Content Calendar

Your content calendar is your plan for writing that will help you show up, week after week, to shape the big picture of your work in the world. It’s also how you sync up your content with marketing your work.

  • Design your own content calendar packed with inspiration to keep growing your business, creativity, and expertise.
  • Learn how to use keywords and SEO to ensure the internet is driving the right clientele your way.

Week 4: Design Your System

Ever feel overwhelmed by the prospect of writing fresh content every single week? Or every day? Well, in week 4 you’re going to overcome this by designing your own perfect system for your creativity.

  • Create your customized template for newsletters, blog posts, and/or articles so your following comes to trust the consistency of your brand, message, and voice.
  • See how micro content (like Tweets, Instagram posts, or short blurbs) can be organically crafted out of larger content you’ve already created.

BONUS Week 5: Video and Audio

Translate your messages into spoken words through video and audio technology. Bring your content to life through other forms.

  • Learn my top techniques for strategically using video and audio to bolster your library of content.
  • Master my #1 thing you MUST DO to overcome shyness and step in front of the camera.

About your teacher Ariel Kiley:

I, Ariel Kiley, absolutely love the craft of writing to explore, share and promote. I am the former manager and editor of the Tune Up Fitness® blog (which included writing and editing other contributors’ pieces). I have co-authored a book called Smitten: The Way of the Brilliant Flirt. I also do copy-editing work to enhance various brands’ presence and reach. Writing is my favorite medium to find my people and build my business from authenticity and passion.

“Ariel’s content creation class was incredibly helpful in focusing my work. I learned concrete strategies to efficiently support my business with writing and marketing. She embodies a rare combination of intuition, creativity, love of writing and high level energy ALONG WITH excellent organization and practical solutions. She will inspire you and give you the tools and framework to move forward. Ariel is generous with her time and attention and brings so much value to this course.”

-Sasha, NYC

Sign up for the Content Course:

Price: $695* includes 5 classes and 4 private sessions

*Price includes four online Zoom video class lessons and four 45-minute private coaching calls to review your work, make revisions, and laser-focus your business goals.

To SIGN UP send Ariel a note HERE that says “I’m ready to write!”

Students will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis with attendance extremely limited (so I’ve got time do go deep with you!)