Do THIS to recognize your own beauty…

Is this you?

Wake up in the morning, go to the mirror, look at your face and immediately start to analyze – is my nose getting bigger? Is my skin getting spottier? Is that eye drooping? Did I sprout yet another gray brow?

If this type of inner criticism sounds familiar, I want to propose something radical to transform all of these ‘problems’ you see…


Here it is: Change your lens.

Change the lens you’re “looking at” yourself from – change it from seeing to feeling.

Try this with me.

Instead of going to a mirror to decide how you ‘look’, close your eyes and feel your face. From within, sense your forehead, your cheeks, and your eyeballs. Sense your mouth, your jaw, and your lashes.

Then inhale long through the nose, part your lips, and let the breath slide out your mouth.

Do that breath three times.

Then gently brush your hands over your face – your forehead, eyebrows, cheeks. Lightly tug on your ears – the lobes to the tops, slide your fingernails from your hairline to the back of your scalp several times… basically give yourself a face and scalp massage.

Inhale through the nose and exhale out the mouth again.

Open your eyes, look around your space, and let your gaze rest on something simple and beautiful.

Look deeply into that thing… take in its beauty, absorb it.

Do this for several breaths.

Now, ask your face how it feels. Decide if your face looks good by how it feels. Decide that if your face FEELS good, you’re gorgeous.

At this point, you might even experiment with looking in a mirror. Can you see yourself differently? Do you recognize your beauty?

It was there all along, you were just wearing the wrong lens.

This may be a simple exercise, but it represents a pretty radical shift that can apply to all aspects of your body.

Basing your wellbeing on well, your BEING (as opposed to just well-looking), totally shifts how you move through life, and how you feel in your skin.

This month in my embodiment program we’re focusing on Beautiful Posture – finding it from within and letting it emanate out.

It’s simple work, but it changes everything.

Change your lens, and you change everything.



Sometimes wishes do come true…

Ariel Kiley - creator of Lady Quest Coaching Program

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