Does pursuing your calling mean losing your family?

When a woman acknowledges her calling, one of the concerns that often arises is the fear that she will undermine or abandon her family (or other friends/loved ones).

(Some women also fear that if they pursue their calling, they may never have a family, or attract a life partner.)

Among her priorities, her partner, kids, parents, dear friends, furry beloveds, etc, are of course high on the list.

Naturally, she does not want to disconnect with these important beings in her life. They are her comfort, her support, her world. She is also of great import to them. 

Simultaneously, she also knows that there is “something more” out there for her, and to deny that would be to deny her innate sense of her own purpose in this life.

There are many sensational stories about people who “gave up everything for their dream” or “left it all to follow their heart”.

This does not work if you wish to live a whole life, and give 100% to your callings.

If you abandon something dear to you, you will never be able to completely own your purpose.

And the idea that you must choose one or the other simply is not true.

The path of following your callings is a path of INCLUSION, not exclusion. 

When you’re smack dab in the middle of your truth, knowing what you care about, knowing what you’re called toward, things become very clear. 

It becomes very clear what to keep, what to move toward, and what to release into the past. 

It might be necessary to generously communicate to your loved ones the ways you will be using your time – the time you’re excited to give to them and the time you’ll be devoting to your calling. 

When you are coming from a guiltless place of certainty within, the world organizes itself according to the light of your truth and others accommodate.

When you are hiding in the shadows, coveting your calling like it’s a dirty secret, that’s when ruptures and resentments in relationships arise.

So please do not make “family and friends” the reason you avoid your calls to do more and make a bigger impact.

You CAN live your life according to you – in the most fulfilling and purposeful way – while also keeping and cultivating your nest of loved ones that are with you along the way.

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