(11/9-11/14): The Power of Practice & Downward Facing Dog Pose

The Power of Practice

Yoga sutra 1.14: This practice becomes firmly rooted when it is cultivated skillfully and continuously for a long period of time.*

Regular practice truly does transform your body and mind. Through neuroplasticity, you can rewire your brain to follow new patterns of thought. Through physical repetition, you can remold your body.

Sutra 1.14 captures the qualities of effective practice – it’s skillful and continuous.

This week you’ll practice how to practice! This will be wonderful for your yoga practice, and also for other habits or behaviors you want to build into your life.

*Chip Hartranft, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Downward-Facing Dog

The physical strength and flexibility needed to shape yourself into a comfortable downward-facing dog pose is no easy feat!

This week our classes will emphasize various aspects of the mechanics of downward-facing dog. Your shoulders, spine, hamstrings, and head will appreciate this. 🙂



What can we learn from the animals around us? The joy of streeeeeetching. In this class you’ll tap into the goodness of stretching and moving your limbs to inspire your poses. Glorious sun salutations, luscious lengthening floor stretches, low belly core work, and a powerful eagle.

Savasana: CAT NAP

Who knows how to relax better than our feline friends? In this guided relaxation you’ll restore deeply while imagining being bathed in warm sunlight – like a cat curled up in a window.

Yoga Class: GRIP-O-RAMA

Strengthen and mobilize your hands, forearms and wrists in this detail-oriented class. Power up your planks and down dogs, reduce pain and stiffness in the wrists, and perform daily gripping and lifting activities better. A bunch of wrist conditioning exercises plus planks, wristy warriors, and a delicate half-moon pose.


Roll out your wrists, hands and forearms to help address pain and prevent issues such as plantar fascia.


You want nice bendy legs? Free, flexible hamstrings? Easy, supple calves? Here ya go! In this class we focus on how both strength and stretching add up to the long stems (and hamstrings) that feel so good in down dog and other forward folding poses. Lots of lower leg stretches, half splits, devotional warrior, and a flying split at the wall.

Meditation: CUE YOU

The visual cues around you affect your inner state. In this meditation learn how to use cues to positively influence you – to help you become more truly You.


Build the strength and body awareness to brace your torso when lifting heavy things. Practice all kinds of playful spinal warm-ups, then learn the “breath brace” that activates your deep core muscles. Take it onto the mat with high lunges, triangle, planks and down dog. Finish with legs up the wall. Yum.

Self-massage: Pecs & Rotator Cuff

Roll out your pecs, two rotator cuff muscles, rhomboids, and upper traps on the wall. Free of range of motion in your shoulders and ease tension.

Yoga Class: Showing Up

Showing up is the most important step when you want to cultivate a positive habit or behavior. In this class you will show up for excellent shoulder mechanics pertaining to Downward-Facing Dog pose. Expect novel shoulder conditioning stretches and exercises, plus core work, micro push-ups, warrior variations and an optional L-shape handstand.

Meditation: Make an Entrance

The mindset that you bring to the tasks of your daily life makes all the difference in the quality of your experience… and outcome. In this guided meditation you will wire your brain to enter challenges in an optimal state.