6-Session Personal Guidance Program

Your nature is non-negotiable… 

Is your intuition trying to come through in daily decisions?

Do you want to stop listening to the world “out there” and start “tuning in” for answers?

Are you unsure how to access this inner wisdom, and long for a step-by-step practice you can count on? 

The Intuition Training will teach you to become subtly attuned to your unique inner guidance system so it is a reliable resource for big and small life decisions.


  • Handling overwhelming situations where you normally compromise
  • Tracking inner sensations to get radical insights on what to do next
  • Yes or no? A foolproof way to get clear yes and no intuitive answers
  • Using your intuition for complex decision making
  • Knowing when to trust others, and when to walk away
  • Intuitive future planning guide

During the process, Ariel will help you overcome the oppressive voices of the past, and fortify your belief in yourself… trust in what you know you know.


Program cost (6 consecutive weeks of sessions): $895*

*Payment plans available

Availability: I will be taking 4 clients during the winter of 2020. Let me know if you want to be one of them.

Send me a note through the contact page if you’re interested to set up a 10-minute consultation call to find out if the Intuition Training Guidance Program is a good fit.