Healing from trauma is possible.

The basis of my work is trust in your innate ability to process and complete the incomplete survival responses that have let to trauma. I trust that your nature knows the way “home” if given the opportunity.

In these sessions, we get grounded in the facts of Now. We make simple logistic plans to support your safety and survival. Then we do the subtle, gentle work to process and release the energies of past trauma, or present entrapment.

Words from a client:

“Working with Ariel was entirely unique. I’m a veteran of a ton of modalities addressing my PTSD from child sexual abuse. All have served me at different stages, but with Ariel, being ‘seen’ while she held space for whatever was coming up was lasting. She created a safe arena for me to identity just how unsafe I was feeling, and it was then that we could dig into a deep physical inquiry that brought resolution to me. It was subtle, freeing, loving and still difficult to find words for. And, ultimately, naming it would take away from the energy that passed through us.

Ariel deftly handles a process that I assume must be very customized to each of her clients. Trust was established from the get-go. There is some type of healing where our hand is held and we are witnessed while we go into our terror in a way that’s just not safe enough to do alone. I’m forever grateful for my experience with Ariel, pretty much in awe that this type of healing can happen.” 

This is the work we do in one-on-one Soma Sessions. We do it together, over video.


First, we establish a baseline of safety in your environment. I guide you to visually orient yourself in your space, then ground your body.

Next, I invite you to tune in to your body and sense what’s coming up. Your body is so wise – it will present a sensation, thought, or memory that will be the perfect in-road for the work.

Then we take the time to gradually track and process those unfinished survival urges.

Together we rebuild your trust in your ability to survive… and thrive.

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Words from a client:

“In late 2018, I suffered a hemorrhagic CVA, which is a bleeding stroke. I was 58 years old. Although my speech, vision, memory and cognition were largely unaffected, I was paralyzed on the left side. This came with a great deal of anxiety and fear regarding my future quality of life and long term prognosis.

Initially, Ariel supported my yoga needs to address the pains and challenges of physical recovery. This was the easy part, and progress was achieved. The more challenging stage came next- addressing the trauma of a stroke at a relatively young age. This is when she introduced me to Somatic Experiencing (SE). I knew nothing about this practice but early on I learned how much sense it made and shortly after that, how effective it can be in dealing with the anxiety and stress that comes with trauma.

Ariel is more than a practitioner of SE. She is a teacher, a coach and an avid enthusiast for the recovery of people in situations like mine, the victim of unexpected trauma. This is a fascinating science that deals with the effects of trauma on the body and how trauma resolution relies on addressing the impact on the body. The more you learn about it, the more sense it makes and the more effective it becomes. But all of that depends on the skills, knowledge and dedication of the practitioner.

As a practitioner, Ariel is as dedicated to resolving trauma in people as she is compassionate about their well being. She draws from a wide knowledge base rooted in anatomy, neurology, psychology, as well as in less obvious places such as Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation. She has an amazing ability to lead a traumatized nervous system home, to a place of comfort and peace, where it belongs.

No doubt, it takes work and personal honesty and can sometimes be as tiring as physical recovery from trauma, but it’s healing effects are worth every drop of those efforts. She provides a powerful opportunity to learn more about the nature and depth of trauma you hold onto physically, and she provides the means and dedication to assist you in resolving it. I am so much better in so many ways due to my SE work with Ariel!”

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