Process and Resolve Trauma

Over the past nine years, since the life-altering car accident I survived on the LA freeway, I have been studying trauma.

For the past four years, I have been immersed in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing® trauma resolution training program working with individuals that have suffered all kinds of traumatic experiences.

From childhood abuse, to medical trauma, to chronic disease, to loss of loved ones, to wartime trauma… I have supported a range of people choosing to consciously face, and transform seemingly insurmountable incidents and tragedies.

“Somatic Experiencing work helped me to articulate and integrate subconscious patterns of thought that had been holding me back for a long time. Ariel Kiley is a powerful, intuitive healer.”


The methodology of this work is more relevant than ever right now. 

It’s possible that old childhood stuff around scarcity or lack is coming up for you.

It’s possible that fear of abandonment, lost love, and being alone is triggering you.

It’s possible that uncertainty about the future is touching on primal survival concerns.

All this is so natural right now.

It’s also the most incredible time to gently but purposefully step into the work.

“With Ariel, being ‘seen’ while she held space for whatever was coming up was lasting. She created a safe arena for me to identity just how unsafe I was feeling, and it was then that we could dig into a deep physical inquiry that brought resolution to me. It was subtle, freeing, loving and still difficult to find words for. And, ultimately, naming it would take away from the energy that passed through us.” 


Learn to trust your own nature, your intuition, your instincts on the next best steps for You.

This is the work we do in personal processing Somatic Experiencing® sessions. We do it together, over video.

We make space, we take time, and together we rebuild your trust in your ability to survive… and thrive.

If you feel triggered, if you feel anxious and stressed, or if you feel ‘uncomfortably numb’, I invite you to reach out to me through the contact form to schedule a 10-minute consultation about if Somatic Experiencing® personal processing would support you through this time.

“Working with Ariel was a bright spot in a very very dark time in my life. She listened with her whole body at a time when I desperately needed to feel heard. She cried and laughed with me. Not only that, though, she brought me to places within my own body that needed my attention and bore witness to the awakening. Her work is profound, impossible to fully explain, and absolutely transforming.”

In these sessions, we get grounded in the facts of Now. We make simple logistic plans to support your safety and survival. Then we do the subtle, gentle work to process and release the energies of past trauma, or present entrapment.

PRICING (June & July discounted pricing)

Single Session – Great for working out a “bee in your bonnet.” Tackle something simple that’s bothering you. $99

3-Session Arc – Sort through a recent trigger. Get to the bottom of something that keeps nagging you. $285 ($95/session)

6-Session Journey – Dig deeply into a pervasive concern. Explore a physiological issue that has old ties, and persistent ramifications in daily life. $540 ($90/session)

12-Session Quest – Update your operating system. Commit to a transformative 12 weeks designed to support you accessing and releasing long-held trauma patterns. (Individualized weekly at-home practice included.) $1,020 ($85/session)

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VIDEO description of the work…

“Ariel has a demeanor that immediately lets you know she has your back- And not just your back, but your entire wellbeing is her priority. I would say that this has always been Ariel’s demeanor for the time I’ve known her, and I intuitively identified her as someone who cares. After the sessions were complete, I let the effects of the work “marinate”. This is the kind of work that keeps on working behind the scenes, so I never felt like I had to take any specific action to reach resolution. It just unfolded.”