Now is the time to step into the stream of your destiny


Now is the time to step into
the stream of your destiny

“So many women die unfinished,” my mom recently said when we were having tea together.


“Or come to that midlife juncture where they don’t push through and instead become complacent and compliant.”


We were discussing how important it is to pursue our truest callings in this life – and how sad it is when a woman doesn’t ever find the bravery to live on purpose.


There is this thing that happens to women – this shame-laden idea that in order to be “good” and “loved” and “not-kicked-out-of-society” we’ve got to skirt around our callings. 


Following what feels the truest can also feel the most dangerous.

The idea that it is “selfish” to respond to a calling might cause you to avoid it for fear of losing connection, becoming ostracized, or just being gossiped about.

But the funny thing is that you don’t CHOOSE your callings. They choose YOU. 

That’s why it’s called a calling! Because you’re being called. The damn phone is ringing whether you like it or not! 


Doesn’t it make you crazy to keep hearing the ringing but never pick it up? 


(Or maybe you grab the phone, rush into a closet, and whisper “I can’t talk now! Don’t call here! You’re disrupting my complacent not-quite-honest lifestyle!”)


The messages that you’ve absorbed around the “selfishness” of following your calling might have you thinking that answering the call will destroy your life as you know it.


But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Why is it so HARD/SCARY/CONFUSING to live truthfully?

Because you have been raised to believe that a path of compromise is the best way for you. You were raised to think you should want something different than what you actually want. 


But this story you carry about yourself – the story you live by – is inaccurate. 


So there’s massive dissonance inside of you.


You have been subtly corralled your whole life into behaving/speaking/presenting a certain way so you don’t make others’ uncomfortable – so you don’t disrupt the status quo.


“Sameness = safeness” says fear. 


But this is not actually true. It’s just a tired old story.

Getting in sync with your callings brings all else into sync

When you attune to your callings, you activate a force of integrity within you that everything else organizes itself around. 


Your integrity keeps all other things in a field of truth which brings more sincerity, more love, more opportunity to you.

Plus, despite what your fears might tell you, it doesn’t have to be a big, agonizing thing to get on your path.

The transition to trusting and stepping into your callings can be a gentle shift that doesn’t have much fanfare on the outside, but transforms everything in your inner world… 


…and lays the foundation for a very, very different future.


It makes me nuts when intuitive, self-aware women aren’t answering their calls… because their calls are usually so beautiful – and will profoundly help the earth, the animals, and other humans. 


And that call that you’ve delayed answering for years is just the BEGINNING… if you can muster the courage to step into it, you’ll step into the stream of your destiny.


BUT it takes bravery to answer the call. And bravery isn’t the only thing – you also need guidance, safety and support.


And so, I offer you Lady Quest – an 8-week program, with lifetime access. 


“You don’t have to  learn your destiny–you already know it; you just have to unlearn the thoughts that blind you to  what you know.”


Martha Beck, Steering by Starlight

“Whatever we thought should happen to us, whatever we wished would happen, isn’t half so wonderful as what’s meant to happen.”


Martha Beck, Steering by Starlight

Introducing Lady Quest

Within Lady Quest you will:

01. Define what you’re actually on earth to do

02. Dismantle fear-based blocks

03. Activate your life purpose

But it’s not just a program, it’s a movement.

Lady Quest is a movement TOWARD:

Lady Quest is a movement AWAY FROM:


“There is a deeper underlying organic intelligence more foundational than your mind–it resides in your body, which is often begging for your attention. That intelligence is the true compass.”


Kimberly Ann Johnson, Call of the Wild

“The woman who knows she has a ‘calling,’ artistically  or spiritually, may sometimes question her commitment to her inner marriage, but  essentially  she *knows* she dare not betray that inner reality.”


Marion Woodman, The Pregnant Virgin

“Initiation rites, experienced at the appropriate time in our lives, burn off what is no longer relevant, opening our eyes to new possibilities of our own uniqueness. They tear off the protective veils of illusion until at last we are strong enough to stand in our own naked truth.” 


Marion Woodman, The Pregnant Virgin

Think about it: YOU’VE COME SO FAR. You’ve done so much to get to where you are. 


Don’t stop now.


This is the threshold where it really starts to get beautiful.

Why I Created Lady Quest

I created Lady Quest because I have been called to make a safe space for women to learn about why they regularly repress themselves, and how to break through.


My decade of experience helping people get free from patterns of pain and tension in the body, overcome past trauma, and take strategic action on their bigger dreams has culminated in this pivotal program.


Lady Quest will transform your self-concept and change your story going forward.


Lady Quest will gently, but radically, support you stepping fully onto, and staying on your path – taking the daily actions that shape a realized life. 


Lady Quest is supremely loving, kind… even playful and humorous. But it is also fierce and unapologetic. 

In Lady Quest, we know we don’t have another year to ignore the call. The call is here, now, for a very good reason.

That reason relates not just to your fulfillment, but the healthy evolution of humanity and the earth.


If you know what I’m talking about, you know what I’m talking about. 


“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature—the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”


Rachel Carson

“The modern woman is a blur of activity. She is pressured to be all things to all people. The old knowing is long overdue.” 


Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves

“A woman’s song is her truth. The expression of her innermost thoughts and feelings is the sweetest song she can sing and it should not be muted.” 


Anita Johnston, Ph.D., Eating in the Light of the Moon


Length & lessons

The program is eight weeks long. Each week contains a mind-opening lessonpersonally transformative practice, and expansive group guidance session.

Private sessions

We will also meet for three 1:1 sessions within the program to ensure your transformation is unfolding beautifully.

Nature Quest

Each participant designs her own 2 night/1 day Nature Quest where she will enact transformational rituals learned inside the course. You will design it according to your own inner nature and creature comfort needs.

But it doesn’t stop there.


Once you join Lady Quest, you are a member for life. You will be invited to ongoing group sessions and our private online community designed to support your limitless unfolding.

In Lady Quest, you will enter an alternate reality where it is normal for you to honor your intuition at every step, and make moves to build a wildly purposeful life. 

To find out if Lady Quest could be a good fit for you, apply below.