Healing is feeling your whole self again.

When you have resolved past trauma, you get to experience more of yourself and more of your life.

You will be able to take more risks, speak more truthfully, and set better boundaries.

Your capacity to handle a wider variety of situations will be increased.

Perhaps most of all, you have greater choice. A hallmark of trauma is the feeling of having lost control – having no choice and no personal agency.

By processing and resolving past trauma you will gain freedom to reclaim your place in life and make assertive choices based on your truth.

Words from a client:

“Ariel has a demeanor that immediately lets you know she has your back- And not just your back, but your entire wellbeing is her priority. I would say that this has always been Ariel’s demeanor for the time I’ve known her, and I intuitively identified her as someone who cares. After the sessions were complete, I let the effects of the work “marinate”. This is the kind of work that keeps on working behind the scenes, so I never felt like I had to take any specific action to reach resolution. It just unfolded.”