Overwhelm is a liar

When you know something in your life needs to change, but you aren’t sure HOW to go about it, overwhelm is natural.

But overwhelm lies.

Overwhelm makes you think that there are SO MANY STEPS you have to take to make the change.

Overwhelm complains that NOBODY will understand and EVERYONE will have a problem with the change.

Overwhelm makes a very strong argument for redirecting any bit of energy you have for your bigger purpose to instead walk straight to the ??Van Leeuwen ice cream shop and get two scoops of salted caramel in a waffle cone.

So when new possibilities are knocking, you must avoid listening to overwhelm at all costs!

Overwhelm has great taste in ice cream, but doesn’t know what it’s talking about when it comes to your life path.
You must stop thinking about making change from a mental place. Stop strategizing it. Stop thinking about the “work” of it.

Instead EMBODY and RITUALIZE your transformation.

To actually BECOME that new vision of your future self – the self that is doing exciting work, achieving meaningful success, making a significant impact while still nurturing your home and personal life… you must work the transformation on an energetic level.

You must change who we believe you are.

For example, earlier in the summer I got the very clear call to activate a different part of myself – the omniscient, compassionate, visionary leader in me. I got the call to build a new program and expand my reach and message.
At first, this felt overwhelming. Where do I even begin?!

So what did I do? I went shopping.

But it wasn’t just any shopping trip. As I meditated on this future Ariel, I had a strong feeling that she would be wearing shades of white and earthy tan tones.

I craved a wardrobe of soft, light-colored knits.

By visioning future Ariel, realizing she needed new wardrobe options, and doing some strategic shopping, I was doing more than buying stuff.

I was choosing to wear the future version of me. And everytime I wake up and get dressed in this way, I am becoming her even more.

Then when I sit quietly and do my work, I’m already inside that future self.

Does this make sense?

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