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Life Path Coaching Sessions

Not sure where to turn next? Overwhelmed with debt? Confused about what your “passion” really is? These sessions are custom designed to tap into your genuine desire for life change, access your essential values and desires, and to then take the steps to move forward on your path.

Trauma Resolution Yoga

Resolve the past. Reclaim balance. Trust yourself.
Combining Somatic Experiencing®, yoga and meditation techniques I offer private sessions that will help you recover from intense experiences such as operations, accidents and loss, and find harmony within yourself.

In this work I guide you to listen to physical and emotional “symptoms”, and track them down to their roots in unresolved energies (trauma) around intense life experiences. Through this work you will discharge those held energies, which helps alleviate the physical and emotional symptoms.

These sessions will help you root out the original sources of pain and stress, increase your range of resilience, and move forward with buoyancy and light.


Sessions are 75 or 60 minutes. Most Sessions can be done either in person or via online video call

Send me a note through the contact page letting me know what you are seeking and I will tell you pricing for that service.


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