The Crystal Ball Thought Experiment

Ten years ago I learned the miraculous-feeling connection between ‘getting in my body’ and receiving psychic messages.

Back in 2011 I was just starting out my career as a yoga teacher, living in LA, immersing myself in every training I could afford.

It was April and I was in Day 2 of a three-day shoulder mechanics immersion with Jill Miller, creator of Tune Up Fitness, up in Los Gatos near San Francisco.

We spent the entire day doing all kinds of subtle exercises – from therapy ball self-massage to novel mobility techniques to straight-up strengthening of our shoulder joints.

I was completely immersed in the experience of embodiment when the words I HAVE TO MOVE BACK TO NEW YORK BY MID DECEMBER suddenly showed up on repeat in my head.

What? What the hell does that mean?

I called my then-boyfriend that night and told him about the message. I said it was so clear that it was undeniable. We had to start planning to move to New York and get there by mid-December.

Five days later I got a call from my sister, who lived in New York City, announcing that she was pregnant. “When is the baby due?” I asked.

“December 15th.”

“Whoa. When did you find out?”


SO, not only did I psychically receive the message to get back to be on aunty duty – my sister didn’t even consciously know she was pregnant when I heard that voice.


Yes. This is the power of embodiment.

The message was so strong that I couldn’t help but follow it. I was completely resettled in NYC for my niece Sienna’s arrival eight months later.

The thing is, when you get in your body, you hear things. You know things.

You’re a clear channel to receive messages that might not otherwise have come through.

For this reason, I sometimes think of my body as a crystal ball.

And when my I’m eating poorly, sitting too much, over-exercising, or exposing my body to too many toxins – basically when I’m treating it like sh!t – I ask, is this how I would treat a crystal ball?

If I had my very own crystal ball, that I inherited the day I was born, which had the power to tune me into deeper truths, greater knowing, and even future events… how would I treat it?

I’m not just committed to health and wellness to avoid illness or live long… those are valid, but slightly boring motivators to me.

I’m committed to healthy embodiment because for me, there’s MAGIC in it.

And I don’t want to miss out on those inexplicable insights and knowings.

There have been many more similar instances, which I’ll keep sharing about in the future.

But the point is, nowadays I regularly tune in to my body for answers on all things. When I don’t know, I pause, close my eyes, and ask my body for the answer.

The body knows. Or the body points me in the direction I need to go for more information. It’s amazing.

Have you experienced this before? Been in an immersive embodied experience and had an inexplicable insight or psychic knowing?



Sometimes wishes do come true…

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