This is why you must Quest, Ladies

Have you ever found yourself caught at a moment in life where you are uncertain what your purpose is? 

Or you’re in a bummer of a relationship, or sucky work environment, but you’re totally stuck as to how to get out?

Or have you ever been stuck in a rut of things being “fine”, but you don’t feel particularly alive or excited about your path?

These are powerful times to take a Quest.

A Quest is a ritualized adventure, small or large, that brings you into nature and sets the stage for life-shifting insights to come through. 

By choosing to go on a Quest you are, within the space of that Quest, cutting ties with reality as you know it. By stepping away from your typical life, there is great potential for something new to arise… and for the obsolete to fall away.

You unattach from the patterns of daily life to know for certain the real connections that are healthy and important to your path going forward.

There are three parts to a Quest – the leaving, the time away, and the coming home.

Each part is hugely significant. The point of a Quest is not to disappear forever. It is to go into the wilds of yourself, go into communion with nature/god/goddess/the universe, and reset your soul’s priorities.

Questing is very natural.

When I was a young girl in the Vermont countryside, I’d take little day Quests across the fields, along the stream, up into the woods to have space to open my consciousness and interact with nature. 

I’d have chance encounters with cows and dragonflies. I’d sniff fresh wild mint until I sneezed. I’d build little forts out of sticks. I’d go out there to explore what was possible in the world and in myself. Then I’d return to my family refreshed and empowered by my adventures.

Typical Western culture doesn’t validate Questing. Especially for women. As I entered my teens, I stopped going on those intuitive solo adventures. 

Until I became desperate.

At 19 I was a recent college dropout in NYC. Pimpled and lost, caught in a confusing love triangle, I impulsively threw some clothes in a backpack and went to Grand Central Station. I picked a city name off the departures board that sounded nice, even though I had no idea where it was – Sandusky. 

Eight hours later I rolled up in an Ohio bus station near the shore of Lake Eerie. It was early spring – off-season for the amusement park which was the main attraction there. 

I got off the bus and walked 30 minutes to town. In the phone book yellow pages (this was before smartphones) I found a bed and breakfast where a nice older lady took me in for a couple of days while I walked the empty streets, and along the shore, and sorted out my thoughts. 

Upon returning to New York I was refreshed, with my confidence renewed.

My restored sense of self allowed me to get out of that painful love triangle and get on with my purpose.

This impulse to Quest got more intentional with time as I learned about shamanic cultures and visions quests. I learned how to consciously prepare for the Quest, how to ritualize the time inside it, and how to integrate the insights a Quest brings about.

Over the past decade I have done numerous Quests into nature when I needed to clarify and reset my priorities. Each one significantly transformed my life – clarifying what to let go of, and what to focus on going forward.

Then, of course, I did the great eight-month desert Quest in the camper two years ago. That was an open-ended Quest. I knew I wasn’t going back to where I’d been, but I didn’t know what would come next. 

I just knew I had to become very simple, minimal, and spend time in nature to listen for my next steps…

Questing ritualizes the need to turn within and trust yourself – not getting sucked up into others’ realities. There is a strengthening that happens when you choose to Quest. It strengthens your ability to feel your truth at any given moment: To pause, sense, KNOW.

Mostly though, it brings you face to face with your spirit’s calling. By going away, you can feel into the Most Important Thing at any given time in your life. 

It’s the great clarifier – the Quest.

Once you have taken a few purposeful, well-planned-out Quests, something inside you changes. You stabilize your ability to pause, tune in, and know your truth in daily life.

Trust in your intuition and instincts becomes stabilized. 

Questing can remove the walls of uncertainty that keep so many closed in for years.

A peacefulness about your path opens up, and the inner resistance to your destiny crumbles. 

There you are – open and available to walk forward into your truest callings.

This October I’m launching a program called Lady Quest that helps intuitive and self-aware womxn go from professional work that isn’t quite true to them to defining what they’re actually on earth to do, removing fear-based blocks, and moving bravely forward with their life’s purpose.

Within this program, each participant will shape her own 2 night Quest that suits her unique nature. 

And because the program is lifetime access, each participant will be encouraged to continue to Quest, with the support of the group, every season going forward. Can you imagine how beautifully this will clarify your path?

Lady Quest begins October 12th, spots are limited, and registration is now open.

If anything about this note speaks to you, please send me a message through this contact form that says “I’m curious about Lady Quest”. I will follow up with more information.



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